To make the gray hair will be much easier on blonde hair. In this case, they do not have to repeatedly expose them to the destructive procedure of discoloration - get rid of their coloring pigment. Used in salons products, for example, "Blender", though, and are tools of a new generation, but still very harmful for the hair.
You can prepare the hair for colouring and independently, using a so-called "wash-up" - professional composition with a strong lightening effect. It can be purchased in specialized stores. With the help of this tool you will be able to lighten your hair color 2-4 colors. Girls with brown or red hair following these procedures may appear slightly greenish tint, but once applied the bar "platinum" paint or tonic ashen, this effect will disappear.
On already bleached hair to obtain the noble gray hair you can use a special tonic purple. He applied to the head and is not washed off within 24 hours. Every week when washing hair, you must add it to shampoo that you usually use to maintain the desired hue. After the head is washed 10-12 times, hair color need to update, osvetli the hair roots. To stay longer, use special shampoos for colored hair, preserving their color.
When painting roots, it is important that the coloring composition was applied evenly. First, apply the dye on the roots, and in about 15 minutes, spread it with a comb throughout length of hair. Strictly follow the instructions and not peredergivaete the paint on the hair.
Be sure to use nourishing mask for coloured hair to keep them healthy and shiny. In the same specialty shops you can buy ready-made formulations for bleached hair. But very good for damaged hair to use masks with a few drops of tincture of hot peppers that are sold in pharmacies. It can be added to a balm or oil.