Combating gray hair cosmetics:
Try to color gray hair the right tone. This is the most popular and affordable method of dealing with gray hair. By the way, experts claim that frequent staining quality paints in the cabin won't harm your hair.
Try to use the special cream Poly Re-Nature Crem, which was created in order to return hair to its former color. For hair harmless, you can find it in the shops and salons.
Try to get in the salon the procedure, with which you will paint only the gray hairs, and all the rest will be left in its original form. This procedure only takes a few minutes and the effect will last up to two months.
Combating gray hair through medical means:
Take a course of treatment with special drugs, which should contain a lot of vitamins A, C, E, Niacin, folic acid, B1, B2, B6. Let your doctor will recommend drugs and course of treatment for yourself it is better not experiment.
Purchase at the pharmacy or at the Pro shop conditioner with the telling title "Antiseen". Apply it on clean and dry hair, wash it no need. He will not paint over the hair, and helps regain their color.
A similar effect has soap Remolan", which, according to the Creator, contains in its composition of only natural components. To use this soap need a long period of 3-4 months, after which natural hair color has to be restored.
Fighting gray hair with folk remedies:
Try to drink the juice of the roots of parsley, celery or parsnip. Need to drink the juice 1-3 tbsp every day. If desired, squeeze in the juice a little sea buckthorn oil.
Wash your hair with chamomile decoction or infusion of black tea. The hair is slightly stained. Take onion juice, blackberries, pears, cabbage, cherries, apricots, and RUB the juice into the scalp. Massage into hair Kalanchoe juice with the juice of figs.
Use when shampooing decoction of nettles. To prepare it, 50 gr. dry nettle pour half a liter of water and half a liter of vinegar, boil the mixture for one hour. Then broth rinse hair after washing.
Successful you struggle with gray hair, always be young and beautiful!