For long hair you will need 200 grams of henna, for short 50, you Need to prepare disposable or rubber gloves, a brush for painting, a towel, a cream, a package or cellophane tape, studs.
Further, it should be diluted with boiling water henna. Mixture stir until a thick slurry is obtained. In order to obtain a more intense color, you will need the mixture add a few drops of essential oil. In addition, it will help the dye more evenly distributed throughout the hair.
Now you can start dyeing gray hair, pre-prepared covering shoulders with a towel. The cream can be applied on the edge of the hair on the forehead in order not to stain the scalp. Before the procedure, thoroughly rinse and dry the hair. Staining to start with the head, that is, first the roots and then along the entire length of hair.
Making sure that the henna on your hair lay evenly, wrap your hair with a plastic bag and wrap a towel. The time of henna depends on the planned hue and structure from the hair. To paint the gray hair you will need on average 10-15 minutes. Wash off the dye better without shampoo warm, clean water. Besides to rinse until the water stays clean. The color of henna shows a few days after coloring.