You will need
  • - mint;
  • - lavender;
  • Melissa;
  • - sprouted wheat;
  • - parsley juice;
  • - nettle broth.
One of the main reasons why hair loses its pigment, are stress. To avoid them in the modern way of life is almost impossible, so you should learn to maintain composure in any situation. This can help yoga and meditation. Learn to relax and forget about trouble: often travel on foot, it happens in nature, communicate with friends and family. Make time for a hobby is a favorite pastime of well to get away from problems. It will be useful to take a day of soothing warm bath with essential oils – peppermint, lavender or lemon balm.
Early ongraying can trigger some diseases: thyroid disease, nervous disorders, metabolic disorders. So at risk are those who have the appropriate diagnosis or genetic predisposition to those diseases. Such people should be carefully monitor their health and to fulfill all the requirements of a doctor.
The reason for premature graying of hair can be lack of nutrients: b vitamins, E and folic acid, and iron, zinc and selenium. It follows that trigger premature graying can a strict diet, which should not be abused. Follow a balanced diet, take multivitamin preparations. Delay graying will help certain foods in your menu should include beef and eggs, fish, walnuts, spinach, berries (cherry, cherry) and herbs.
Folk medicine advises to eat sprouted grains of wheat: 1 tablespoon of sprouts a day can not only prevent graying of hair but also slow down the already started process of the loss of hair melanin. Great benefit and parsley juice: it should be consumed within one month at 25-30 g per day.
To prevent the graying of hair will help regular use of folk remedies. One of the most effective in this situation – nettle broth, which is recommended for rinsing hair, and regularly rubbed into the scalp.