Advice 1: How to find a person in Tashkent

If your relatives or friends live in Tashkent, then you don't have to go to Uzbekistan to find them. First try to gather all possible information.
How to find a person in Tashkent
Request to the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Russia address: 119017, Moscow, Pogorelsky pereulok, d. 12. Or contact by e-mail: Phone Embassy: (499) 230-00-76, 230-00-78. In the request, specify your personal data and what you have for this man. It is possible that the Embassy staff will respond only if you're looking for a relative.
Please contact the office of the International Committee of the red cross at: 700017, Tashkent, Mavlyanova str., D. 28. Phone numbers office: (99871) 120-52-91, 120-52-92. Email address: If you are really looking for a close relative, the red cross staff will assist you.
Make a request to the State archive of Tashkent city. Attach to the request documents certifying your direct interest in the information about this person. The address of the file: 100207, Tashkent, m-Tuzel, quarter 2, D. 29. To find out what documents you'll need, you can call by phones: (99871) 294-32-60, 294-48-97.
Please contact the Tashkent newspaper "first hand", which publishes ads to individuals. Specify the age, name and surname of this person, his special signs. Ask everyone who knows anything about his whereabouts, to contact you. Leave a contact email address. With the same purpose, you can go to the website where it is possible to review the consolidated database through advertisements in Tashkent and place your.
Socialize with fellow countrymen wanted person on these forums, as ("First forum") and ("community Center"). Create a topic about finding the right person. These forums are popular not only among the inhabitants of Uzbekistan, but their former compatriots.
Sign up and social networks – on domain .EN and Uzbek sites:,, (in Russian, English and Uzbek languages). Try to find this person via "Search" or create a group dedicated to him.

Advice 2: How to find a person in Russia

With the advent of the Internet in Russia and the search of social services to find a man became more than real. Usually people looking for their relatives, childhood friends, first love, former neighbors. Of course, among the lost, there is some percentage of those who disappeared without a trace. Often, however, the right person is, if you make some efforts and look it up carefully with the help of volunteers, both real and virtual.
How to find a person in Russia
You will need
  • - Internet access
  • - telephone directory
  • - passport and other personal data on the person you are looking for
  • - a picture of a person
Try to search man through free Russian search engines. Find any site specializing in tracing people, please fill in: name of the missing, the approximate area of residence. Some resources will need to register to begin the search.
Write a letter, paper or electronic, to the national service of mutual search of people Wait for me. Service address: 127000, Moscow, Akademika Koroleva, 12. You can also request a search by phone number (495) 660-10-52.
Look through social networks such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte. If the person you want is not registered on any of these sites, try to find his friends, relatives, maybe they know something.
If the lost person is your close relative, you can apply to the local police station. You will require passport details missing, his verbal description, and photograph.
Useful advice
If the free Internet did not give results, try to use the paid resource with the extended database

Sometimes in search of help from an old telephone directory in the city where the person you are looking for.

Advice 3: How to find a person in Uzbekistan

In life there are times when people lose contact with each other for any reason: moving, change of telephone number, change of name, and so on. In this case they are usually faced with a real problem – how to find a man, if very little about him is known? The same questions arise and the people of Uzbekistan, who are often looking for each other. However, there are many services that will help you in your search, do not stay in place.
How to find a person in Uzbekistan
So, to find the person by name and surnames, known to you, go first to the sites most popular social networks. Most people registered at least in one of them and knowing personal information, or at least the city of residence, you will be able to find the right person. Sometimes, of course, the coincidence is too much. For example, in Tashkent can live more than a hundred people with the same first and last name, so you have to specify any more data.
See person is a little easier. To do this, contact Microsoft customer service "Wait for me" in Uzbekistan. Remember that the search is possible if the person was in fact registered in Uzbekistan, and not just lived there. Tell the agent you known personal details, including residential address. Well, if you can provide any additional information: date of birth, place of study, name of parents/children and so on. All this will facilitate and speed up the search. Such services do not take note of the phone number searched, as the information about the owner is not legal.
However, if you only know a phone number, the search is still possible. So, to find person by phone number, search the Internet, open the phone database, which allow you to define the owner in any region and any country, including Uzbekistan. Be careful not to be deceived. Such information is not fully legal, so the search services sometimes require any fees for services. Make sure that the search does work, and only then pay. Also try to use the various services of search of people in Uzbekistanthat exist on the Internet. Perhaps the man you seek, has already made known about himself and is also looking for you. The main thing – do not be discouraged, because nothing is impossible.

Advice 4: What is the difference of domains .su and .EN

Domain (or domain name) is the name of the resource in the Internet address of the site on which it will come visitors. Domain is a unique and necessary for any resource.
What is the difference of domains .su and .EN

Which domain is better

Before the web masters and owners of resources often raises the question of the choice of domain name. The name largely determines the future health of the resource, so it should be simple and memorable. But just to choose a domain is not enough. It should be registered. And here arises another question: what domain zone to choose for domain registration your online.

It is important to know that domains are letters in the name of the domain to the right of the first point. For example, .ru, .of the Russian Federation .com. This means that over a certain territory secured its own domain zone. .EN means that the resource was in this zone may operate on the territory of the Russian Federation .su – on the territory of the republics previously part of the Soviet Union.

Domain zone .su actively developed in 80-ies of the last century, then the collapse of the Soviet Union each Republic has established his domain zone. Accordingly, the domain zone .EN .su differ, first and foremost, territory, and the second domain it is much wider. Area .su is older compared to .EN.

Domains are in areas .EN .su also differ the price. If the acquisition of the domain .EN will cost an average of 99-100 RUB then .su – 320 RUB. Many experts believe that .su is better because the quality justifies the price. Others argue that the quality is the same, because it is not necessary to overpay, if you are satisfied with the functioning of the website in the vastness of Russia.

.EN or .SU

When you register a domain you will encounter that in the domain zone .EN desired name is already taken, whereas in .su will be free. According to statistics, in the zone .EN much less free domain names. In fairness it should be noted that the domains in the zone .su is indexed by Yandex and Google is not worse than in zoney. Because the past is undeservedly forgotten. If the site is still oriented to Russian speaking audience .su is perfect. What there are no differences in the themes of the sites recorded in a particular area. Approval experienced web masters, worthy of a quality project could be taken forward in any area, and it will work and bring income to the owner.

Simply .EN more familiar to Internet users, although .su higher the probability to find beautiful and memorable name to your site. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the high cost of registration and renewal of life domain. But .less su various satellite sites created by black SEOs to promote the main website.

So .su is the old cctld, but the most promising and nezamylenny, so do not be afraid to buy it names for their websites.
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