Decide who you are looking for – the person with whom you simply lost touch or fallen soldier. In both cases, finding the right person start with the Internet.
Go to the official website of the telephone directory of Germany to search for the right person. Enter surname and click on "Finden". Consider writing the name and surname in German language. The spelling may be different, because in the German language only 25 letters against the Russian 33. Look in the dictionary. Also check yourself with the help of Atlas for the correct spelling of geographical names of Germany. This telephone directory will give you not only home address, and e-mail of the person. Please note that the data in the phonebook enter only with the permission of the owners. So the chances of finding the right person 50/50.
Look the person in the office of the registration of the so-called Einwohnermeldeamt on the website . Also, look at the popular social networks – almost every German has its own account.
Place paid ads in numerous publications. The Germans (the indigenous people) are very responsive and will help you whenever possible. Also, place ads on sites dedicated to people search.
Contact the Federal office of German police. Explain the situation and ask them to help with the search.
Find missing person in time of war. Contact Bundesarchiv:


Wasserkaefersteig l,

14163 Berlin.

Also contact the German Red Cross:

DRK Suchdienst

Zentrales Auskunftsarchiv

Chiemgausstrasse 109

81549 München

Tel: 089-6807730

Look in the electronic archive the credentials of the people on the site