Advice 1: How to drip eye drops

The most common method of treatment of most eye diseases – introduction of the drug in the form of eye drops. The conjunctival cavity of the eye is a very narrow slit space where more than 1-2 drops of the cure does not fit.
How to drip eye drops
With the defeat of both eyes first drop in the eye that is inflamed less. When the doctor several different drugs for each type of medication take a single pipette. Drops to enter the eye. To do this, simply hold the bottle with the medicine in hand for 2-3 minutes. Before the procedure, wash your hands with soap and water.
Drip drops in the eye easy. In the right hand take a bottle of medicine or a pipette with drops. Before the procedure, slightly bend your head back, and eyes were fixed on the up. Hold the pipette at a slight distance from the eye. Do not touch pipette lids and lashes, carry out the procedure very carefully.
The index finger of the left hand using a cotton swab or ball, pull down your lower eyelid, and the second hand put 1-2 drops of the solution on the mucosa of the lower eyelid. If eye drops are in a plastic bottle, its upper part normally ends with a dropper, and the drops instilled into the eyes directly from the bottle. You must make a hole in the top of the bottle.
In that case, when the medication is in the glass vial, is used for instillation of sterile pipettes. For each patient use a separate sterile pipette. Pipettes are sterilized by boiling for 40 minutes.
After instillation of the drug for 1-2 minutes, hold the eyelid is drawn to the medicine is quickly absorbed. Please note: in the fore part of the lower eyelid is the lacrimal point, which goes into the tear duct. If the medication gets into the lacrimal point and further into the canal, it is felt in the nasopharynx and the nose that causes discomfort. To avoid this, after backfilling it is necessary to press the index finger area of the inner corner of the eye.
The shelf life of the medication is always indicated on the label of the bottle. Typically, eye drops must be in a cool dark place. The shelf life after opening the bottle no more than 7 days. If you notice that medicine has changed color, there were flakes or residue, apply it is strictly prohibited!
To improve the actions of drugs that enhance its effects, we can recommend eye baths. In the tub, which you can buy at the pharmacy, to the brim, pour the warm solution medication. Gradually tilt your head, tightly clutching the tub to the eye, “bathe” it in the solution. To enhance the action of medicines, do eye movement up and down, left and right, circular motion clockwise. Duration of the procedure for 1-3 minutes. The use of eye baths will improve blood circulation and absorption of the drug.
How to drip eye drops? First you have to wash your hands. Drops are used sitting, standing or lying down. It's as you like it. There is no fundamental difference. The main thing that caught at least one drop. Pull the lower eyelid down, look up and insert into the formed between the eyelid and eyeball the space of 1-2 drops. More dribble makes no sense .
Useful advice
And how if affected both eyes? First drop in the eye that is inflamed or hurts less. If your doctor has prescribed a few different medications for each medication, have a separate pipette. Enter eye drops warm. To do this, simply hold the bottle in his fist two or three minutes. To avoid this, after instillation press the index finger of the inner corner of the eye. The shelf life of the medications listed on the bottle. Store eye drops in a cool dark place.

Advice 2: Like cats effective against fleas

Our furry Pets need constant care and daily care. A lot of troubles Pets can cause, blood-sucking parasites, but this is not a problem, if to take for her decision in a timely manner. Helps thorough treatment of wool with special preparations.
Like cats effective against fleas
To rid your cat from skin parasites, most often use flea drop – this tool is recognized as one of the best, effective and safe. The drug is applied in the place to which the animal is difficult to reach, the language is usually the area of the withers. It is composed of the insecticides to warm-blooded animals which are not dangerous and are easy to apply. There are drugs that are designed only for adults, there are designed only for kittens.

How to dribble cats flea drop

To using good modern means to rid the animal of parasites, the cat or the cat pushing on the withers the coat, dripping the drug in the right amount and RUB your fingers into the skin for greater reliability. Cat then at least two or three days no need to wash or comb out.

Some flea drop should be distributed along the spine at multiple points – this enables you to achieve more pronounced effect. The number of drops that must be applied to cat hair, different drugs will be different.
Drops from fleas help almost always. Rare failures can be, for instance, because the animal after treatment has been in the rain. Then the drug washed out, not having time to soak.


Using drops from fleas, it is necessary to see to it that they did not get the animal in the nose, eyes or mouth. If this happened, the affected organ must be thoroughly rinsed with water. When choosing a drug it is necessary to remember that many of them are designed to handle only adult animals, for little kittens available in separate drops.

If the cat still get drunk drops, it is necessary to closely monitor her condition. To raise the alarm immediately do not: in the product not so much of the active substance to cause harm to the adult animal. But for flea medications are very toxic – most of the insects die almost immediately, as you will get to a place where the drops pounded. Those that remained alive, trying to quickly escape from an unpleasant smell.
If after the treatment the animal begins sudden, intense reaction, there are signs of poisoning, you should immediately contact your veterinarian.

Choosing for your cat flea drop, will not prevent in advance to consult with the vet. In the first place should be guided by availability or by cost and effectiveness and its safety. So you can quickly rid your pet of parasites, and will cost no adverse effects.

Advice 3: What eye drops to drip when working at the computer

The syndrome of "dry eye" occurs many urban residents. This is due to computer work, driving, eye strain, conditioned air.
What eye drops to drip when working at the computer

Prophylaxis for eyes

To maintain visual acuity and eliminate the discomfort, it is necessary as a prophylactic means to use the eye drops. May eventually result in the destruction of the tear film and natural tears will quickly evaporate. For this reason, a person feels heaviness and tension of the eyeballs.
Using eye drops may be a few seconds to get rid of fatigue and discomfort.

Eye drops

There are drops of "visine. Clean tear". They are recommended by ophthalmologists for permanent use, to moisturize the eye, are composed of herbal ingredients. Plant TPS-formula allowed the drops to be a semblance of mucin - element tear film person. Drops have no contraindications and age restrictions. They are suitable for everyday use.
If a person has dry mucous membranes eyes, he wears contact lenses, drives a car, reads a lot and works on the computer, he just needs eye drops.

When choosing drops for eyes can pay attention to the drug "Aktipol". The components included in the composition of the droplets has no effect on the enzymes of healthy tissues and organs, but their dysfunction restore to normal. Drops have complex effects: protect from computer radiation, heal wounds, destroy inflammatory cells, accelerate the process of tissue regeneration and cell division.

The main component of the drug is para-aminobenzoic acid. Its activity thanks to the people, can regain comfort and confidence. In the "Antipole" does not include additives and preservatives, so there are no contraindications. While working at the computer it is necessary to drip one drop 2 times a day. Prevention course lasts 10 days, after which you should stop using the drops. Two weeks later the procedure can resume.

"Axial" is an effective eye drops when working at the computer. Their advantage is the possibility of backfilling without removing the lenses. Other products require removal of the contact lens that you wear for 15 minutes.

Doctor consultation

To buy eye drops possible without a prescription. But before that, it would be better to consult an ophthalmologist. As some components may be individual intolerance or Allergy. Usually, the doctor prescribes drops, and a month later their application will carry out an inspection to identify any abnormalities.

The symptoms of eye fatigue for a long time can not bother humans, but sooner or later will cause a deterioration of vision or damage the eye. So you need as quickly as possible to help your eyes. For this use eye drops and do eye exercise. Exercises will strengthen the eye muscles, thereby to maintain visual acuity for many years.

Advice 4: Eye drops Thiotriazoline: indications and instructions for use

"Thiotriazolin" is a popular and versatile medication for the treatment of the eye, used to combat various diseases, inflammation, trauma, viral infection. Drops Thiotriazoline" prevents the development of complications and improves the functioning of the eye muscles.
Eye drops Thiotriazoline: indications and instructions for use
Eye drops Thiotriazoline regulate metabolic processes, normalize metabolism and blood flow in the tissues of the eye, reduced corneal sensitivity, and improve functional capacity of the entire visual system.

Indications "Thiotriazoline"

The drug has anti-inflammatory, has potent antioxidant and reparative activity. Eye drops "Thiotriazolin" stimulate enzyme system of the cells and the blood circulation in the eye, reduces the negative effects of free radicals, eliminate signs of inflammatory and neuro-trophic processes, improve the regeneration of the cornea and the activity of the accommodative muscles, improve the condition of the retina.

Indications for the use of Thiotriazolin are: inflammatory diseases of the cornea, viral conjunctivitis, burns and eye injuries. Drops prescribed for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the cornea and prevention of asthenopia, dry eye syndrome and some inflammatory diseases.

Method of use "Thiotriazoline"

Eye drops Thiotriazoline" must be instilled into the conjunctival SAC of adults 2 drops 4 times a day. For children using the drug at a lower dose. Usually it is the ophthalmologist selects individually for each child. The length of treatment averages 2 weeks, but may be extended on a month by incomplete recovery of the sick.

In case of serious and extensive lesions the eye to the drops "Thiotriazolin" appoint a further injection of 0.5 ml of 1 times a day, which is administered parabulbarno or subconjunctival.

The drug is used prophylactically to prevent drying of the eyes when working at a personal computer. To do this, drip 2 drops "Thiotriazoline" every 2 hours throughout the day.

Eye drops Thiotriazoline" does not have any side effects. A contraindication to their use is hypersensitivity to the individual components of the drug. These drops have no adverse effects on the fetus, so it is allowed to treat pregnant and lactating women. "Thiotriazolin" working other drugs. Simultaneous use of straw and the consumption of alcohol is not desirable, as they reinforce each other's action.

Eye drops "Thiotriazolin" have a shelf life of 2 years. Keep it in a room with temperature less than 25 degrees. Since opening the bottle to use a drop is allowed only for 3 hours and store them at a temperature of from 4 to 8 degrees.

Advice 5: What drops drip in.

Drops conjunctivitis apply those aiming at the destruction of the causative agent. Use medicines strictly according to instructions and consult your doctor in the transition of the disease into a chronic form.
drops conjunctivitis
Before you start the treatment of conjunctivitis, it is necessary to ascertain the nature of the disease. The fact that conjunctivitis can be viral, bacterial and allergic. Accordingly, viral are caused by viruses, bacterial bacteria, and fungi, and allergic form of the disease may be the result of reaction of eye to allergens – pollen, dust, chemicals, wool, etc.
You can identify for themselves a particular kind of conjunctivitis the symptoms that it causes. So, the virus typically causes increased tearing and a slight accumulation of mucus. In most cases, affects only one eye. Accompanied by a bacterial infection in both eyes, causing profuse secretion of pus. And if you are prone to seasonal allergies, you can easily associate the appearance of conjunctivitis with exacerbation of his chronic disease.
In viral conjunctivitis, it is recommended to instill the eye drops such as "Florenal", "Guantan", "Floksal", "Sulfacetamide" and "Abrufen". The pattern of use and the dosage you are prescribed by a doctor, but in most cases drugs are used according to this scheme: 1-2 drops every 3-4 hours in acute inflammation and in the same dosage 3-4 times per day after improvement.
Antibiotic drops are effective against most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, such as Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, etc. Of them the most popular "TOPEX", "Chloramphenicol", "Cipromed", "Tsiprolet", "Normaks", etc. Some drops can kill both bacteria and viruses, these include "Sulfacetamide", "Tsiprolet" and "Cipromed". Application circuit the same, but if you notice that the disease has already passed you have chronic and difficult to treat, contact your doctor. Only a specialist can properly assess your condition and prescribe the most effective in your case preparation.
With allergic conjunctivitis it is important to eliminate the reason for falling sick is the allergen that caused it, and then go to therapy eye drops. The most effective in this case are such drugs as "Patanol", "Allergodil", "Lekrolin", "claritin" and "good cough medicine".
Treatment in young children is the same, but you should pay attention to the age at which it is recommended to use something. Doctors most often prescribe "Chloramphenicol" and "Sulfacetamide". The last drop children don't like, since they can cause stinging and irritation to the delicate mucosa of children's eyes. Better buy at the pharmacy "Tsiprolet" or "Cipromed". And in between taking baby wash eyes with a decoction of chamomile or with a solution furatsilina.
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