With the defeat of both eyes first drop in the eye that is inflamed less. When the doctor several different drugs for each type of medication take a single pipette. Drops to enter the eye. To do this, simply hold the bottle with the medicine in hand for 2-3 minutes. Before the procedure, wash your hands with soap and water.
Drip drops in the eye easy. In the right hand take a bottle of medicine or a pipette with drops. Before the procedure, slightly bend your head back, and eyes were fixed on the up. Hold the pipette at a slight distance from the eye. Do not touch pipette lids and lashes, carry out the procedure very carefully.
The index finger of the left hand using a cotton swab or ball, pull down your lower eyelid, and the second hand put 1-2 drops of the solution on the mucosa of the lower eyelid. If eye drops are in a plastic bottle, its upper part normally ends with a dropper, and the drops instilled into the eyes directly from the bottle. You must make a hole in the top of the bottle.
In that case, when the medication is in the glass vial, is used for instillation of sterile pipettes. For each patient use a separate sterile pipette. Pipettes are sterilized by boiling for 40 minutes.
After instillation of the drug for 1-2 minutes, hold the eyelid is drawn to the medicine is quickly absorbed. Please note: in the fore part of the lower eyelid is the lacrimal point, which goes into the tear duct. If the medication gets into the lacrimal point and further into the canal, it is felt in the nasopharynx and the nose that causes discomfort. To avoid this, after backfilling it is necessary to press the index finger area of the inner corner of the eye.
The shelf life of the medication is always indicated on the label of the bottle. Typically, eye drops must be in a cool dark place. The shelf life after opening the bottle no more than 7 days. If you notice that medicine has changed color, there were flakes or residue, apply it is strictly prohibited!
To improve the actions of drugs that enhance its effects, we can recommend eye baths. In the tub, which you can buy at the pharmacy, to the brim, pour the warm solution medication. Gradually tilt your head, tightly clutching the tub to the eye, “bathe” it in the solution. To enhance the action of medicines, do eye movement up and down, left and right, circular motion clockwise. Duration of the procedure for 1-3 minutes. The use of eye baths will improve blood circulation and absorption of the drug.