In the Windows operating system has a built-in firewall, but its capabilities are very limited, so it is better to use third party. One of the best programs of this type is Outpost Firewall.
Before you start the configuration, open the main program window. Select "Settings" – "System", then scroll to the bottom of the tab section "Global rules and rawsocket access" and click "Rules".
In the opened window click "Add". In the "Select the event for your rule", check the bird points "Where Protocol", "direction" and "local port". Below, in the "rule Description", click the mouse to "undefined" in the line "Where Protocol" and select the window that opens TCP Protocol.
In the "rule Description" click "Not defined" in the line "Where, direction", select the connection type, select "Incoming (from a remote computer to your computer)". In the same box, click the "undefined" in the line "local port" and enter the port number that you want to close.
In the "Select the actions for your rule", check the bird "to Block the data". Click "OK" and the selected port for incoming connections. You can shut it down for output by choosing in the described just above the settings instead of an incoming connection outgoing – "Outgoing (from your computer to a remote computer)".
If you use regular firewall Windows, check the exceptions list: "start" – "control Panel" – "Windows Firewall" – "Exceptions". Remove the bird from the "Remote assistance", if you don't use them. You can to prevent exceptions by putting the bird on the "General" tab in the string "don't allow exceptions".
The firewall in Windows 7 has more features than Windows XP, it can be used to control how individual ports, and within specified ranges. Create a rule for outbound connections, when you start the create rule wizard, select "All programs." Click "Next" in the opened window, select "Block the connection". Again click "Next", select the profile and specify a rule name. Then, in the rule properties specify the portsthat the firewall should block. Similarly, there is a rule for incoming connections.