Locate the folder with the executable file of the program you want to block. If you need to find it on the shortcut, click the right mouse button and select "Properties". In a field named "Location" you specify the path to the executable file, whose name will be approximately as follows: "C:\Program Files\Game\Gamefile.exe". Hence it is possible to go to the desired folder.
Click "start" then "Run", type "wscui.cpl" without quotes and press Enter. So you start the "security Center" Windows . Make sure that you have activated the option "On" (or Enabled), and then select Windows Firewall. If protection is not enabled, select the tab "General settings" and click "On".
Select the Exceptions tab and scroll the list of programs and services. If you are interested in the program is in the list, uncheck the check box next to its name, clicking on it. This will block the program. If necessary, remove the tick from "Display a notification when Windows Firewall blocks a program" to program block without notifying the user.
Add the desired program to the list if it exists. Select "Add" then "Browse". Navigate to the desired folder, select the executable file (*.EXE) and click Open. The program will be added to the list of firewall. Verify that the program is in the blocked list. Scroll down the list, find it and remove the checkbox to activate the lock.