The network screen is located in any operating system by default. Its icon can be found in the lower right corner. If he is not there, enable it. Just go to "start" menu, select "control Panel" and find "Windows Firewall". In the opened window must be specified an action of "Include".
To add exception, go to the tab "Exceptions". In the opened window you will see a list with the option to put the check boxes for the access permissions to the computer. For further connectivity options go to the tab "Advanced" and tick the required option.
To add programs to the exception, run the application and you will pop up the security window, in which select the action with the app: "Block", "Unblock" or "to Defer the choice until the next time".
Use an alternative method. To do this, go to the tab "Exceptions" the firewall menu, and select "Add program". In the window that opens will be a list of default programs. If you want to add another application – specify the path to the executable file (.exe) then click OK.
If you want to open ports, go to "Exceptions" and select "Add port". Next, enter the Protocol port number and a brief description of access permissions to it.
To add IP addresses in the exceptions tab, click on the button "Change scope" and in the window that appears select the desired filtering option addresses or set up a "Special list".
You can also use additional features. For example, the parameter "security logging" allows you to track all actions that occur when security is enabled. When you click on the button "default Settings" all settings are reset to standard. Following the directions above, you activate additional protection of your computer from unexpected attacks on information contained in it.