You will need
    • knife for vegetables;
    • a potato peeler;
    • hard brush;
    • wire sponge.
Before cleaning, wash the carrots. If it is particularly dirty, you can soak the roots in cold water. Also you can do it with a flaccid vegetable – cold water partly returns the carrot to its former richness.
Young roots can not be cleaned. Go over them with a stiff brush, remove the darkened places, and the tops, cut the top of carrot with a greenish tint. Lightly scrape it with a knife, getting rid of the remnants of the thin white roots, rinse under running water. Vegetable ready for cooking.
Larger and a little rested carrot free the best of the top skin – with time it becomes rougher. Take a sharp knife for cleaning of vegetables and start to scrape the root, moving from tip to tip. Remove all stains, damage, damaged areas. The disadvantage of this method in a large amount of trash accompanying the cleaning. Besides processing large amounts of carrots will take a lot of time.
Try another option – use device for cleaning potatoes. This device with two safe blades, mounted on a long handle, cut long thin skins and can deal with a slightly podvyadshie soft root vegetables. For scrubbing damage use a sharp corner of the fixture. Such cleaning allows you to save power and not to spoil the manicure.
If by hand was not a potato knife, take a hard metallic sponge. Carefully RUB the carrots on all sides. The loofah will remove the top thin layer of skin and will scour the smallest particles of dirt. Cleaning is best done wearing gloves so the wire does not hurt my hands.
Especially carefully it is necessary to process the carrot, designed to power kids. Choose fresh, undamaged specimens. Peel them with a knife, removing the top layer of skin, cut off the tip and the tip of the vegetable, rinse it under running water and pour over boiling water. After that you can proceed to boiling carrots and cooking vegetable puree.