You will need
    • beets and carrots;
    • water;
    • pot with lid;
    • a vegetable brush;
    • spoon;
    • the colander;
    • a knife or fork.
Select a firm carrots without black spots or cracks, and the beets without visible damage and signs of rot with a smooth, dense, reddish skin. It is advisable to purchase root vegetables the same size, not too big and not too small.
Take the required amount of vegetables and wash in cool running water. Then, using a brush for vegetables, well scrub beets and carrots and then rinse them. Remember to clean vegetables is not desirable. And without having need to cut the root vegetables before cooking, when the vegetables are crushed, their area of contact with the water increases and, as a result, a significant portion of nutrients is washed out.
Put beets and carrots in the pan. Then pour boiling water (its quantity should be measured in advance). The water should cover the roots by about 1 finger. Then cover the pot with the vegetables, cover and place in the strongest fire.
Wait until the water boils and reduce heat to minimum. Then remove the lid and stir the vegetables regularly. This must be done in order for the beets and carrots do not stick to the bottom of the pan.
Boil the root vegetables for 20-25 minutes. Then check the readiness of carrots. To do this, use a fork or knife. If the fork (knife) is a vegetable easily, so he is ready. Try to cook the carrots so that it remains slightly firm in the middle. After all, the cooked vegetable is not suitable for salad. Remove the carrots from the pan and continue to cook the beets for another 30-40 minutes, not forgetting from time to time to check on the readiness using a knife or fork.
Drain all the water from the pot and allow the roots to cool. Also you can dump the beets in a colander and pour cold water so it will be easier to clean.