Doctors distinguish the carrot as a medicine for eye diseases. Very good carrot in the prevention of poor vision. Note that the brighter a vegetable, the more vitamin A. On the garden all have good owners growing carrots. But the problem with her is enough after all, the harvest will be small or the fruits will be crooked. Why this is so.

And how you can take all the carrots? So, to plant carrots, you can purchase the tape and spread her seeds. Can be stored in a rolled-up striped seeds before planting. If there is that carrots are bad vyklevyvajutsja, it is all the fault of shallow planting. It can also trigger drought. In order to save seeds and to ensure that the carrot has risen, you can cover the bed with tape. Sometimes the seeds can't germinate because the soil is not soft. Therefore, it is recommended to plant seeds in the ground covered with humus. You also need to loosen the ground after rains. What if fruits carrots grow fine. Usually this happens if the carrots are not thinned. First time to thin out the carrots have the appearance of the first leaf.

Actually, carrot is recommended to thin out about 3 times. There are times when a root grows from the cracks. This can happen from uneven watering. For example, from the abrupt change of climate. After the drought started watering by rain. To avoid cracks, dry days you have to water the beds. Also, gardeners should pay attention to the time of maturation of the root. It is best to plant several varieties of carrots. For example, for summer consumption and winter storage. Often gardeners complain of carrots, grew up a freak. This is due to poor arable layer. The ground was poorly plowed. It can also happen because of the humus that could not be humus.

Remember that carrots do not like fresh organic fertilizer. It would be better to fertilize with fertilizers. In order not to damage the roots of carrots when thinning, it is important to water after the process. Should take note that phosphorus fertilizer helps carrots grow smooth and beautiful. When pulling out large weeds should also be careful not to damage the root.