If the baby has eaten and is awake for 1-2 minutes hold it upright with one hand hold of his legs and the other your back and neck. Ensure that his head was level with your shoulder and touched it. But after each feeding the baby not to change the Bathrobe, take care of your safety - put on shoulder washcloth or small towel.
If, during the meal, the baby constantly falls asleep, that is peculiar to the children of the first months of life, feed him in a half-upright position (head and chest of the child on the raised elbow mom). In this case, you can be assured that during sleep, the regurgitation will fall into the airway and cause asphyxia (suffocation). And only after the discharge of air put baby in the crib.
Often the baby becomes restless during the feeding. And this is a sure sign of ingestion from food the air that bursting the stomach of the baby and it causes discomfort to which he responds with crying. So as soon as he began to squirm, to act up, flap her arms and turn away from the breast, hold the baby in a vertical position until, until he will puke it up, after which you can continue breast-feeding.
If the baby eats quickly and greedily, as if choking, then you can several times to interrupt the feeding for 1 minute and to keep the child column. And only after the discharge of the air (burping) proceed with feeding.
Most often, regurgitation of food in the newborn occurs when overeating. In other cases, there is the usual discharge of air – burp. If your baby spit up a large amount of milk, decarbonate it only on demand - if you are touching his cheek with a nipple or finger, he pulls your mouth in their direction. If the baby is calm, it can complete feeding.