Score below 6 points mean that the child is weak and requires special care. The highest 10 points – the baby is healthy. More reflexes of the newborn's mom can check herself. In the absence of any reflex, it is necessary to tell the doctor during examination.

The Babinski reflex manifests itself in the following: if you hold the outer edge of the foot, the toes spread out.

The Babkin reflex is checked by pressure on the palm of the child. In this case, he turns his head and opens his mouth.

The grasp reflex is that the baby gripping your finger, put it in his hands.

The Moro reflex effect when the child is frightened: the sudden loud sound of it throwing their arms and legs.

Important is the search reflex. When you stroke a baby's cheek, he turns his head in the direction of stroked cheek (this reflex can be used to help the newborn to find the breast). Immediately after that activates the sucking reflex – the baby finds the breast and his mouth captures a nipple, sucking vigorously, but with little respite.

Swimming reflex occurs when the newborn lies on his tummy, doing swimming movements by hands and feet.

Reflex walk is manifested by slight put children on their feet and tipping forward a bit – the baby moves legs, that is.

The tonic neck reflex is expressed as follows, if the head is turned to right, right arm and leg straight, the left hand clenched, and left leg.

Reflex withdrawal occurs when stroking and tickling the upper body, while the baby otdelyvatsya feet, because it is a defensive reaction.

Due to innate reflexes a baby is adapted to the beginning of life. Eventually by the end of the first year of life almost all the reflexes fade away. This suggests that the baby is developing properly – replaced the simplest reflexes, come deliberate actions.