Begin laying the baby on the stomach can be 3-5 weeks. Do it better on a hard surface, for example, on the couch or on the table. So it will be easier to keep your head. Toddler hands, bent at the elbow should be under his chest and hips to be straight.
First, place the baby for 5-10 minutes once a day, gradually increasing the time to half an hour. At the same time follow its status: if the child is tired, you lie on the stomach should be reduced. By 3-4 months to turn the baby twice a day, morning and evening.
Put your baby on the stomach before feeding, during gym or changing Mat. After eating such procedures should not be done, because the child will be very hard to digest the food.
During the first turned over, the child may be cranky. Do not immediately go off on him about it, just try to distract him with something. For example, put it on a colourful play Mat with sewn parts, which can be purchased at any baby store. Or place near the baby rattles, and you can even put him in front of a mirror, because kids love to look at myself. It is also important that the child, being in that position, saw my mom, so it's best to always stand in front of him.
At the age of six months can be safely spread on the floor, a large blanket, lay on it the toys and keep the baby on my stomach as long as he does not get tired. The main thing is to clean around it all dangerous objects.
While lying on the stomach is not ostavlyayte baby alone in the room and remove the extra pillows and soft toys, to bury your face.
Thanks to the timely turning on a stomach the child early learns to hold his head, will develop motor functions of the body and train the muscles of the torso that have a beneficial effect on his General physical condition.