Take the baby in the "column" to the baby's head was on your shoulder. It improves digestion and removes from the body of the child excess air. To the position of the "column" was the most efficiently, you need to consider the following points. Before feeding the baby must have put him on his tummy for a more comfortable digestion. During feeding, the child grasps the air, which can lead to regurgitation. In regurgitation, there is nothing wrong if it is not too frequent. To reduce spitting up baby to wear column. Feeding of the newborn should occur in a comfortable position, often it is the position of the baby lying. After feeding it is necessary to smoothly transfer the baby into position "column".
To carry the child column is recommended in cases of anxiety and crying baby. It must be remembered that a newborn can not yet independently hold the head, so it must be constantly maintained. When set to "style" the baby's head should be on the shoulder of the mother. A newborn is better to hold near the shoulder blades, not under his ass to avoid compression of the spine. If the mother holds the baby with one hand, then you should support the index finger behind the ear kid. You can almost fully put the baby on his shoulder. When the position of the baby "column," mother may take any position (walking, sitting, lying).
This technique, as the position is "column", not only beneficial for improving the digestive processes of the baby, but also helps to soothe and rocking baby. Due to the position of the whisker is formed of a newborn skill to independently hold the head. Also, the position of the baby contributes to the proper formation of the spine.