You will need
  • - water or solvent on the mineral basis;
  • special cleaners;
  • - scraper.
If the liquid nails was applied recently, and they did not have enough time to dry, then rinse off it the adhesive is ordinary tap water or the solvent is mineral based. Sealant have not had a good freeze, so it perfectly washed away these fluids.
In that case, if the sealant has dried up, i.e. from the moment of its application was already quite a lot of time for removing liquid nails, use special cleaners.
If no cleaners, for removal of solidified sealant, you can use a scraper. Clean the scraper very gently, so as not to damage the surface.
Because the operating temperature of liquid nails varies from -40 to +50 degrees, and this adhesive is afraid of direct sunlight, keep the item that was previously glued using liquid nails for a while under direct sunlight (preferably in the yard was a hot summer day). Then, using the scraper will clean the surface.