Please visit the official website of the President of Russia. Pay attention to the top of the page, where the date and day of the week. In this area you will see the horizontal menu, in it select the "application" click on it.
Read the order of reception of citizens in electronic form. If you agree with all contained information, click "Send email".
Select the method of receiving a response from two options: by e-mail or residential address. To do this, check the desired option.
Specify in the special form of your name, surname, patronymic, phone, email address. Keep in mind that fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory if you do not specify this information, the letter will not be sent.
Select the desired destination. To do this, check the box next to the inscription "the President of the Russian Federation".
Enter the text of the appeal to the President of the Russian Federation. Write in Russian, do not use offensive or abusive language. The volume of messages is limited to 2000 characters, built over the field calculator.
Attach files to a message, if you refer in the text to documents, regulations, or photographs. Over the button to attach files you will see a list of formats you can attach.
Click the "Send email" located to the right of the field to text.
Check your email. It will be delivered to the automatic message that your application was received for processing. Do not reply to this letter. Response of the President will be sent to the address you indicated on the form.
Write a letter to a reception of the President on paper. Send to the address: 103132, Moscow, ul Ilinka, d. 23, indicating as addressee the President of the Russian Federation. Don't forget to leave contact info for reply.