Knowing some secrets in the eyes , you can determine sincere with you or not. It has long been observed that if a person feels guilty, then lowers them down (sometimes down and to the side). To know what your partner feels, it is enough to compare the eyes with the context of the conversation.
Psychologists believe that the "fixed eyes" can be a sign of lying. If you asked the interviewee could not remember anything, and he, not taking his eyes continued to look directly into your eyes or at you, it is one of the signs of insincerity of man. If he, without hesitation, answers the question – there is a suspicion of his hypocrisy.
This characteristic mainly concerns responses to unexpected questions, or a request to remember the old events. If the person talks about what happened to him ten or fifteen minutes ago, or reports important information (your phone number, address), the sign of the "quiet eye" here is not triggered.
Another sign of a possible lie "quick diversion". If your interlocutor during the story or answer the question looks at you suddenly and quickly takes a side glance and then just as quickly returns to you, chances are that he was trying to hide.
When in the course of the conversation, openly and directly looking at you and when reflecting upon the subject began to avoid the look – it can also talk about lying and trying to hide something. But we must not forget that some insecure people often during a conversation, feel uncomfortable and this avoid the opinion, which is not indicative of their insincerity. Also it is quite possible that your friend just unpleasant topic.
Pay attention to the pupils of the interlocutor. People can't control their pupils. If the answer to the question have you noticed that the interlocutor eyes narrowed or widened, it should bring into suspicion that you are not sincere to the end.