The eyes of a liar or run or, on the contrary, penetrating and Intrusive look into your. In any case, his gaze restless. He was orange you with the hope to see, whether you believe it or not. If you suddenly Express doubts about his words or directly caught lying, he immediately begins to turn your attention – throws to tie the laces, his paper, goes into the next room, pretends that he has no time, etc.
Movement of the body. Shifting, takes a step back, then forward, shudders, shakes his head, interlace the fingers, or starts to hide them (in pockets, behind your back).
The face in General. The corners of the lips are tense and slightly trembling, mouth involuntarily grimaces – before you cunning liar. In General, experts in physiognomy say that while lies face of man becomes asymmetrical – one eye smaller than the other, one corner of his mouth creeps into a smile, while the other remains stationary, one eyebrow raised, the other is not etc. Surprise on the face, which lasts more than 4-5 seconds, the psychologists call false.For men (for some reason only them) a characteristic sign, called a symptom of Pinocchio. When they are lying, then begin to scratch his nose. Doctors say that this part of the face they located some special receptors that form the excitable area. Here she begins to itch from test stress from the wrong.
Hands can tell a lot. Your partner put them in the lock – so not telling the whole truth, replacing some of its elements lie. Rubbing them, snaps fingers – same thing. Stroking or touching with your fingers the chin, top of head, cheek, you know – he somehow awkward, it's possible that he's lying, because these gestures – gestures complacency. If he's not lying, why would he be worried? And the man, speaking the truth (sometimes just sincere) may affect you an invisible speck of dust to brush away, then the collar adjustment.
A manner of speech. When a person is lying, his speech becomes muddled, and the story began to fill with excessive detail and unnecessary detail. Perhaps he shows his honesty – see de, hide nothing, open all the cards. Psychologists say that this is an obvious symptom of outright lies. If you are careful, you can also catch the sound of voices from a lying person increases.