Advice 1: What stones are contraindicated for archers

The archers, according to some astrologers, can be considered the most outstanding representatives of the zodiac element of fire, because they radiate energy, distinguished by a rare love of life and optimism. However, these spoilt children sometimes wonder what kind of stone will help them become even more successful and successful.
What stones are contraindicated for archers
Using a combination of minerals and metals, the Archers can not only learn to manage their own mood, but also increase the impact on others or the outcome of any given situation. Usually representatives of this sign is recommended to opt for the following stones: amethyst, opal, sapphire, peridot, ruby, Topaz, garnet, emerald, agate or turquoise.
Despite his cheerfulness and sociability, sometimes Sagittarians may experience problems in communication. This is especially true of women archers who sometimes find themselves unable to communicate with colleagues, born, in particular, under the signs of water or earth (Taurus, Cancers, Scorpios, Virgo, etc.). So the experts, given this feature, it is recommended to select stones that can become love talismans and help to establish social connections. Such, for example, are opals and garnets.
Famous gems, is absolutely contraindicated for members of this fire sign. According to some experts, the consequences can be unpredictable - from failures on personal front up to the challenges in career advancement, which for many archers is an important attribute of awareness of their success. It is important to observe the so-called "seasonality" - if difficult moments occur in the cold season, the best is to use the brightest shades of fiery stones. Conversely, if the court in the hot summer, the right way to wear jewelry "cold" colors dark or muted tones.
Among the minerals that archers wear absolutely not worth it, because they suppress their energies and reinforce the negative qualities can be noted aquamarine, moonstone, carnelian and jade. It is better to avoid jewelry, which includes orange agate, coils, chrysolites or rhodonite - influence can prove to be quite unfavorable. It is believed that unsuitable for those born under the sign of Sagittarius are also considered black opals, dark sapphires and yellow Topaz.
Despite the abundance of General recommendations, the choice of stone must be guided only by what changes are waiting for a specific person. It is known that the pomegranate, which is considered the key for Sagittarius, is not for all representatives of this zodiac sign. There is an opinion that it should only be people who have reached Mature years and have already decided on the choice of its second half. Otherwise, Sagittarius can experience the so-called "fatal passion", the object of which will be completely random person... Bright red ruby should not be worn people with unstable or weak minded, and immediately after a severe stress - the effect of this stone has a powerful energy that can bring man to a nervous breakdown or psycho-emotional disorder.

Advice 2 : What stone corresponds to one or INOUT Zodiac sign

Since ancient astrologers discovered that each semi-precious and precious stone corresponds to a certain Zodiac sign. It is believed that the man who bears decoration with a suitable stone, receives a charge of positive energy. It has a beneficial effect on his mood and health, and render even magical protection. So what stones are advised to wear your Zodiac sign and why.
What stone corresponds to one or INOUT Zodiac sign

Stones Zodiac signs


For Aries, the best mascot will be the diamond. It gives him the strength to overcome any difficulties, strengthens and encourages perseverance in moments of mental weakness. Amethyst calms and relieves stress, sapphire will help not to lose my temper, and ruby to cope with emotional pain.


Taurus main stone is an emerald. He brings joy, fun and harmony, holding back the fatal passion. Chrysoprase Taurus gives determination and protects from losses and setbacks helps to achieve success. Chalcedony brings joy and restores inner strength.


The Gemini stones: agate, alexandrite, beryl and Topaz. Agate teaches Gemini to be more patient and helps to make the right decision. Alexandrite calms the nerves and smooths out the conflicts. Beryl brings good luck and helps to achieve desired results, helps to strengthen family relationships. Topaz soothes and balances the emotions, calms the Twins with nervous exhaustion.


Mascots for people born under the sign of Cancer, are: pearl, emerald, moonstone and cat's eye. Pearls Cancer develops intuition, attracts luck and is a reliable protection against negative energy. The emerald is uplifting and relieves you from the sad thoughts. "Cat's eye" protects from damage. Moonstone solves problems in matters of the heart bestowing the gift of eloquence and persuasion.


People born under the sign of Leo, derive their energy from the Sun, so amber brings happiness only the sign. Olivine improves the relationship of Leo with others makes him stronger and reveals hidden potential. Topaz helps the lion to climb the corporate ladder and win the favour of superiors.


Virgins bring happiness jade and Jasper. Jasper will help Virgo to establish family relationships and become more tolerant. Jade strengthens vitality and protects from disease.


This sign fit aquamarine, lapis lazuli and tourmaline. With aquamarine will become easier to endure sharp mood swings that are characteristic of the representatives of this sign. Lapis clears your mind and keeps you young. Tourmaline enhances the positive qualities of Libra and has a positive effect on the endocrine system.


Suitable stones – garnet and black opal. Grenade attributed magical properties. This stone has the power to grant power over people and its also called the stone of fidelity, friendship and gratitude. Black opal soothes the Scorpion and teaches to know yourself and improve.


This sign of the Zodiac fit yellow Topaz, turquoise and beryl. Turquoise Sagittarius brings good luck in business and brings wealth. Decoration with Topaz better wear on the road. Chrysolite helps to develop intuition and warns against rash actions.


People who were born under this sign fit the ruby, onyx and green malachite. Rubin will bring the Capricorn happiness in love and committed to gain favor from others. Onyx will give power over people, and unravel the secret plans of the rivals. Malachite has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and relieves insomnia.


The stones of this sign are amethyst and zircon. Amethyst helps Aquarius to have faith in their own strength and to concentrate better on the task. Amethyst also protects Aquarius from the envious and dishonest people. Zircon improves mental faculties and awakens the Aquarius's desire for Sciences.


Lucky stones for Pisces are aquamarine, amethyst and pearls. Aquamarine gives the Fish the courage and feeling of self-worth. Amethyst brings luck, it is easier to achieve reciprocity in love. Pearls promotes well-being and longevity

What stones should not be worn

Each Zodiac sign has its antipode. It is a sign that is separated from it by 180 degrees in the circle.

Aries – Libra, Taurus – Scorpio, Gemini – Sagittarius, Cancer – Capricorn, Leo – Aquarius, Virgo – Pisces. The stones of these pairs of characters are contraindicated for each other, and it is advisable to consider this when choosing your mascot.

Advice 3 : How do I know which stone suits you

Each stone carries a certain energy. If it suits you - more begins to conduct in cases, are some of the disease. With my talisman you feel calm and confident. Choose your stone by using the help of astrologers, but it is important that the stone you like and "beckoned".
To find out which precious stone your, read the advice of astrologers and select the ones that correspond to your horoscope. Water zodiac (Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios) experts are advised to wear pearl, coral, aquamarine, amber, lapis lazuli and other stones, whose origin or name is associated with water. For example, the coral growing on the seabed, as the pearl is born in the shell of the mollusk, which lives in the ocean and in fresh water. Contraindicated for these signs of the zodiac gems in black – jade, black chalcedony, diamond Gerkmayer.
The zodiac signs of air (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius), it is recommended to wear stones that liberate emotions, reveal the talents – Jasper, onyx, quartz (rose quartz, opal, chrysoprase, rock crystal, etc.). Also these three characters fit blue stones: turquoise, which is considered a talisman of trade, and Topaz, giving cheerfulness and optimism. But the red stones, according to astrologers, less suited to Libra and Gemini, i.e., it is not recommended to wear garnet, red coral, ruby, etc.
For signs of earth element (Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus) are more suitable disturbing feelings and forcing "to play" blood precious stones. These signs are perfect red gems, for example, ruby, a symbol of authority, or grenades, bestowing ardent feelings and passionate love. Virgos are best suited rich green emeralds - they make the wearer wise and proud. Astrologers believe that turquoise is not suitable for Capricorn, but the Taurus should refrain from wearing alexandrite.
The three signs of the fire element (Leo, Aries and Sagittarius) shows the stones of warriors and winners – agate, onyx and even treacherous serpentine (serpentine). The people of these zodiac signs domineering, strive to conquer the peaks, and therefore the stones they should choose with the corresponding magical properties. So, for example, onyx is a talisman of the conquerors, and the black agate gives wisdom and success in Affairs. Sapphire - stone of wisdom, justice and victory - it is recommended to wear only archers.
Scientists involved in the occult, believe that every name has a corresponding stone amulet. So, according to them, all Nataly fit beryls, helps to maintain alertness, and Olga is more consistent with opal - a symbol of happiness. Tamara should wear fluorite, which activates thought processes, but Yulia will love the rubellite is a stone of kindness and chastity.
There are correspondences between the lunar day of birth and an stone clear which gem is suitable for people who patronize Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc. after reviewing all these recommendations, you can discover what is your zodiac sign fits you one stone and the name is completely different. Therefore, it is always recommended to choose the stone that you liked, liked. Hold different gems in my hands and listen to the inner voice, if you find the stone that will soothe and give a sense of happiness, so - this is your talisman stone.

Advice 4 : Which stone not to wear one

There are many subtleties of wearing jewelry. This is especially true of jewelry with precious stones. Headset with them not only have a special appeal, but also increase energy effect. And some are contraindicated to wear separately.
The stones in the pair or triple increase the impact on human
It is believed that precious stones have not only aesthetic beauty, but also the ability to affect human health, his health and even destiny. Moreover, this influence can be both positive and negative. It depends on the properties of the stone, how it suits you and whether you wear it on.
All gemstones are advised to wear in a pair or trio. The headset can consist of a ring or ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant or beads. This option is wear reinforces the positive effect of stones on its owner. To wear different stones at the same time is not recommended, as their energy can not only come to naught, but to hurt people. An exception may be a piece of jewelry with several stones, where the primary mineral is the largest, and the other two (no more) perform supporting role.
Not particularly fond of solitude a stone as alexandrite. This rare and expensive mineral is a variety of chrysoberyl. Alexandrite was discovered in the Urals in 1833, and a year on the day of age of Czar Alexander II was presented to him as a gift. Hence the name of the stone. After the death of the king, the mineral is considered to be the stone of loneliness and sadness and to get rid of negative energy, it began to wear only a pair.
A distinctive feature of this stone is the rare ability to change color depending on lighting and the human condition. It is believed that the yellow color of the stone indicates the upcoming trials for the owner. Also known and other characteristic qualities of the mineral. Alexandrite promotes spiritual growth and renewal rights. It also symbolizes prosperity and good health. As a remedy, the stone advised to wear for diseases associated with the circulatory system. Also it protects from alcoholism and infectious diseases, calms nerves.
Among the signs of the horoscope, alexandrite is best suited Scorpio, Gemini, Pisces, Aries. But Taurus, Sagittarius, Cancer and Virgo need to treat it carefully. It fits strong by nature people. Stone to withstand all of life's hardships and overcome the challenges of fate. This talisman will make the owner more open, sensitive, loving and joyful. I also believe that alexandrite helps travelers adapt to the new environment, to find a common language with new people, understand a different way of life. The stone also promotes the study of foreign languages.

Advice 5 : How to know your stone

About the amazing properties of stones heard everything. Ancients attributed to them not only the properties of amulets and talismans, but even character traits. Now of course we do not admit that they believe in their mystical power, but just in case try to learn the advice of astrologers and find jewelry with those stones that fit the date of birth and various horoscopes.
How to know your stone
So, according to biblical beliefs, born in January of protection will serve as the jacinth and garnet, February – amethyst, March – aquamarine and Jasper, April – diamond, zircon and sapphire, may - emerald, agate and nephrite, June – pearl, July – onyx and ruby, in August, moon stone, carnelian, and sardonyx, September – chrysolite, and sapphire, October – opal, beryl and aquamarine, November – Topaz, December – turquoise or blue zircon.
You may be confused by the fact that different horoscopes will advise you completely different stones. If you can't choose your stone on them, then just read about those properties, which are attributed to different stones and select the one that by its "nature" appeals to you the most. You can also choose the stone the color of the eyes or buy jewelry with stones matching the color of your clothes.
Astrological Mineralogy based on a logical approach to choosing your stone, it should harmoniously to influence and adjust the properties of human nature to strengthen those qualities that are considered positive and weaken the negative traits. Such stones are called talismans.
So, stones of red and shades of garnet, ruby, contraindicated for people aggressive, short-tempered and irritable, but they are recommended to be people with a gentle nature, timid and shy. Emerald encourages all of his best qualities, so it is recommended to wear everything. The controversial recommendations come from astrologers on the choice of the opal. It is not for everyone and it should not give, because he promotes hatred between you and those who gave a stone.
But amulets designed to protect the person, so choose it should be knowing that you pose a threat. If you follow the zodiac, the Aries stone-amulet amethyst is a pinkish-purple shades for Taurus – agate, for Twins – beryl, for Cancers – emerald, for Lviv – ruby for Dev – Jasper green or yellow-red color Scale – a clear, colorless gemstones: rhinestone, diamond, Scorpions – yellow Topaz for Sagittarius – greenish turquoise, for Capricorn – yellow-green opals, for Aquarius – sapphire Fish – yellow-green transparent chrysolites.
Try to "communicate" with the selected stone, ask at a jewelry store to give it to you. If you feel that you like each other that stone as if warms your hand, lying in the palm, this stone is yours.
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