Using a combination of minerals and metals, the Archers can not only learn to manage their own mood, but also increase the impact on others or the outcome of any given situation. Usually representatives of this sign is recommended to opt for the following stones: amethyst, opal, sapphire, peridot, ruby, Topaz, garnet, emerald, agate or turquoise.
Despite his cheerfulness and sociability, sometimes Sagittarians may experience problems in communication. This is especially true of women archers who sometimes find themselves unable to communicate with colleagues, born, in particular, under the signs of water or earth (Taurus, Cancers, Scorpios, Virgo, etc.). So the experts, given this feature, it is recommended to select stones that can become love talismans and help to establish social connections. Such, for example, are opals and garnets.
Famous gems, is absolutely contraindicated for members of this fire sign. According to some experts, the consequences can be unpredictable - from failures on personal front up to the challenges in career advancement, which for many archers is an important attribute of awareness of their success. It is important to observe the so-called "seasonality" - if difficult moments occur in the cold season, the best is to use the brightest shades of fiery stones. Conversely, if the court in the hot summer, the right way to wear jewelry "cold" colors dark or muted tones.
Among the minerals that archers wear absolutely not worth it, because they suppress their energies and reinforce the negative qualities can be noted aquamarine, moonstone, carnelian and jade. It is better to avoid jewelry, which includes orange agate, coils, chrysolites or rhodonite - influence can prove to be quite unfavorable. It is believed that unsuitable for those born under the sign of Sagittarius are also considered black opals, dark sapphires and yellow Topaz.
Despite the abundance of General recommendations, the choice of stone must be guided only by what changes are waiting for a specific person. It is known that the pomegranate, which is considered the key for Sagittarius, is not for all representatives of this zodiac sign. There is an opinion that it should only be people who have reached Mature years and have already decided on the choice of its second half. Otherwise, Sagittarius can experience the so-called "fatal passion", the object of which will be completely random person... Bright red ruby should not be worn people with unstable or weak minded, and immediately after a severe stress - the effect of this stone has a powerful energy that can bring man to a nervous breakdown or psycho-emotional disorder.