Advice 1: Can pregnant women eat crayfish

There are cancers in pregnancy is possible in the absence of allergic reactions to seafood and individual intolerance of the body to their meat. In General, cancers are considered to be a useful product for pregnant women, because they are rich in many nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for proper development of the fetus and maintain the mother's body in a healthy condition.
Raki is a unique healthy product

How useful cancers during pregnancy?

Crayfish are arthropods inhabitants of the bottom of rivers, seas, ponds and lakes. Due to the richness of its chemical composition, they are a unique food product. Their meat can be called an inexhaustible source of vitamins B, PP, C, D, E, K, and phosphorus, magnesium, cobalt, iron, selenium, chromium and many other substances that are useful for pregnant and female body and developing in this fruit. Of harmful cholesterol in cancers is little, and organic acids and the iodine contained in them in sufficient quantity.

Cancer meat as a foodstuff is valued a high content of easily digestible protein and low in fat. 100 g of its weight accounts for only 15.5 g protein, 1 g fat and 1.2 g of carbohydrates. Calorie cancers is 76 kcal. Thus, if there are cancers in pregnancy, they will not cause abnormal weight gain.
The main share of meat has cancer in the neck, or the tail jointed. It takes about 1/5 of the total weight.

Delicate pink and white crab meat has a superb flavour and their beneficial properties. So, due to the balanced content of vitamins and minerals, it tones the body, improves metabolism and strengthens the immune system, which is so important during pregnancy. But if future mother suffers from diseases of the liver, thyroid, pancreas, kidney, heart or blood vessels, cancers will be for a special dietary treat. With regular use of crayfish in reasonable quantities they will be natural medication that stabilizes the digestive processes in the stomach.

In some cases, cancers are harmful for pregnant women?

Despite the usefulness and taste of crayfish to get involved in their excessive use during pregnancy is impossible, because cancer is a meat product-allergen. You should not eat crayfish and in case you are hypersensitive to their body.

Rules for selecting and cooking crayfish

When you select live crawfish you should pay attention to their mobility, as it is an indicator of the freshness of the product. If the crabs are purchased already cooked, their quality and freshness is determined by the tails. For example, if the tail tightly to the body, then cancer on the eve of the cooking was alive and fresh. But if the tail is extended straight, it tells that the cancer was cooked dead.
The crayfish is cooked not only in water. True connoisseurs of taste replace it with salted milk, white wine with herbs, kvass, beer and cucumber pickle.

If you can not cook the crawfish immediately, they should be placed in a glass dish and surround with ice cubes. In such conditions, they retain their nutritional quality within 48 hours. Keep the crawfish in aluminum cookware is not recommended, because it has all the beneficial elements are destroyed by sulfur contained in the river product in large quantity.

Cook the crayfish for long – from 25 to 50 minutes, depending on their size. Put them in salted water with sprigs of dill only when it comes to a boil. The willingness of cancers is defined by an orange-red color of their armor. Eat them hot and cold.

Advice 2: How to choose the crawfish

Crayfish is traditionally prepared by dropping alive into boiling water. Many cooks do not like this process and prefer to cook frozen crawfish, others can't buy live because of the remoteness from the places of their catch or what you want to cook crawfish is not in season. Regardless of whether you want to eat these freshwater fresh or frozen, cook just boiled crayfish or crayfish bisque, sauce, pie, it is important to choose the original product.
How to choose the crawfish
Receive live freshwater crayfish, usually translucent, green, blue or brown. In favorable conditions at temperatures between +15 ° C, in containers with water and free oxygen crabs are very active, they are constantly on the move, climb on each other, wiggling whiskers and claws. If the cancer is "hanging" in the corner of the pond still and breathing heavily, do not take it. It is possible after prolonged transport and, although arthropod is alive, it could starve yourself and you will draw out of his shell, very little meat.
Choose cancers with intact claws, shells, flat color, no chipping and growths.
At temperatures below +10 ° C metabolism of cancers is slowed down, and they seem lifeless. When choosing a chilled crayfish is very important to know how long it is retained in this state. The normal time – up to 48 hours.
Before cooking live crayfish chilled heated to room temperature, washed in a container with salty water (100 g per 10 liters) to not more than 3 minutes, so they would not die from salt water. Those arthropods that remained to float on the water surface and not moving, it is better not to eat.
Chilled boiled radioguidance boiled crawfish should be bright red color and pleasant smell of the sea. Their shells and claws should not have obvious damage. Remember that the easiest way to extract the meat from a freshly cooked crayfish. If you cooked them yourself, do not keep the cancers for more than two hours. If you buy chilled the crayfish in a sealed container, their shelf life is from the moment of production up to 3 to 4 days.
Racization frozen freshwater crawfish can be stored in the freezer up to 3 months. Under the ice they are the same color as the living. Before cooking crawfish defrost in the refrigerator for 12-24 hours. Have defrosted crawfish river mild smell.
There is a perception that crayfish, cooked dead, the tail stays straight and eating them is not worth it. This is not so. The only indication that the animal was dead long before freezing or boiling – softened shell. Crayfish with soft shells really should not be eaten.

Advice 3: How to keep crayfish alive

Cancerians are very specific. Like all seafood, they won't last long. Of course, it is best to cook them immediately after purchase, but what to do if is possible no? Fortunately, there are several ways to keep crayfish alive for several days.
How to keep crayfish alive
For proper functioning of all organs of life-support cancer needs to stay in the water, preferably the same one from which they are drawn. Usually storage use crayfish cages. The cage material is not important. It can be wood, plastic, but most often for these purposes the metal mesh. Tank must be placed in a container with river water and cover. If this is not possible, then you can put the tank in the bathtub with normal water. It needs to be changed every day, as crabs need oxygen, which is obtained from water. It should be borne in mind that crayfish need to be fed, otherwise from hunger they will eat each other. Of food they prefer fish, but such foods can provoke a fight that cancers usually end with injuries missing claws. Better to give preference to plant foods: raw potatoes, pea pods, assorted grasses. This storage method will extend the life of cancers no more than 3-5 days, however, all individually.
Cancers can be stored outside of an aqueous environment, but because they can't breathe without water, the shelf life in air is only 1-2 days. Crawfish should be in a cool and humid place. The room should be aired as often as possible. To maintain life will help regular spraying from a spray. With an absolute lack of water cancer pain by releasing lactic acid.
Some Housewives keep live crawfish in the fridge. To do this, wash them under running water and placed in a clean plastic bag on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in the compartment for storage of fruits and vegetables. This zone of freshness, where the temperature is about 0ºC. In such conditions, cancers can not live more than 4 days.
It is necessary to monitor the status of crayfish and upon detection of a deceased individual it should be immediately removed from the General mass. First, crayfish are scavengers and immediately begin to consume dead of cancer in food. And besides, from the decaying carcass emanates a very strong smell. Second, it may accidentally fall into the pot along with live crayfish, and then the entire batch must be thrown out, as the water has toxins, causing severe poisoning. And the taste of crayfish will be completely ruined. To determine the dead cancer possible by the complete lack of movement and an absolutely straight neck, which live crawfish always a little crooked.

Advice 4: What meat can you eat pregnant

A pregnant woman is very important to watch your diet. Proper nutrition is not only beneficial for the General state of the expectant mother, but will also supply the body with all the vitamins and minerals necessary for fetal development.
What meat can you eat pregnant

The value of meat for pregnant women

A woman during pregnancy requires a lot of strength and energy. It is necessary not only to bear a healthy child, but "work" during childbirth. That is why the product that you want to include in the diet of every future mom is meat. Meat is a source of not only protein but also b vitamins, zinc and iron. It should say that in the meat contained amino acids and vitamins responsible for the proper circulation of blood in the body of the fetus.

What meat to choose?

During pregnancy it is important to diversify the diet. Future mummies useful beef, pork, poultry, mutton, do not forget about fish. Experts believe that the diet of the pregnant must be lamb, Turkey and beef.
As the taste preferences of the expectant mother are constantly changing, so food does not get bored, it is recommended to vary the cooking methods. Meat can be boiled, broiled and baked. The most useful is the steaming and roasting in the oven. Frying is better to refuse, the extra fat can cause heartburn.

While carrying the baby it is necessary to remove from the menu the sausages. Natural meat in their composition low, but the fat, spices and preservatives a lot. Useful properties are not, and the damage of the digestive system pregnant they can cause.

What amount of meat should pregnant

Nutritionists say that the daily ration of meat in the diet of the pregnant must be 100-150 g. one Hundred grams is the minimum amount of protein that every day should consume an expectant mother. Half of this amount should be animal proteins. Such rules apply to those women who experience severe morning sickness and have difficulty eating a lot. In the second half of gestation the baby's portion of meat may increase. During pregnancy in any case it is impossible to completely give up meat, as animal protein necessary for the formation of muscle mass in the baby.

On the ninth month of pregnancy a woman needs little to limit yourself in the consumption of meat. This will help facilitate the digestive system. Baby is quite big and is putting strong pressure on the stomach and intestines. Whereby a woman may suffer from constipation, and severe food in the form of meat will only complicate the situation. Therefore, in the ninth month of pregnancy to exclude from the diet all smoked products, meat only eat boiled and soups based on meat broth to replace vegetable or dairy.
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