You can apply to the bodies of the FIU about the transfer of your pension in person, send it by post or proxy (his powers are drawn up in a notarial order). By mail you can send only copies of documents certified by a notary.
If you are only planning to go abroad for permanent residence, you only need passport, passport, salary certificate for last 5 years employment history and a statement of where you will need to specify your future foreign address. If you already live abroad and have reached retirement age, contact the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in order to assure the following documents:- copy of passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;- a copy of the social security number (in the case of his absence you will need to fill in the application form);- copy of work record;- a copy of a military identification card;- a copy of the name change.
Get in the Consulate and proof of your whereabouts for the border. Attach a statement. Specify the currency in which you wish to receive your pension and account details. You will need salary certificate for any 5 years of experience in the Soviet Union or Russia. Send all documents to the FIU.
Please note: you will not be able to count on getting transferred from the pension Fund of a pension if:- the pension was assigned to you according to the laws in force in the USSR (this applies to those who left Russia before December 1991);- receive social security benefits and payments from a foreign state (including the disabled);- the labour pension in accordance with international agreements of the USSR or the Russian Federation with other countries (these include almost all former Soviet republics, many countries of the former Soviet bloc, etc.).
For the timely receipt of a pension for the border you will be required to submit (forward) to FIU an original document confirming the fact of your being alive at 31 December each year. To get it, you will have to apply to the Russian Consulate General in your country of residence.