To choose the color of the sight in any game in the series, Counter-strike, you must start the game and wait for loading the game world. It is worth mentioning that this process may take from seconds to several minutes depending on the power of the computer.
In the running game, the color of the crosshair changes with the game console. To open (and subsequently close) the console window, press "~" on the keyboard. The color of the crosshair in-game changes via the console command cl_crosshair_color "X X X", where X X X is a conditional the RGB code of a particular color. Thus, to change the color of the crosshair in the game, you need to open the console, write the command cl_crosshair_color "X X X", replacing X X X in the corresponding figures (for example, 0 0 0 for black) and press the Enter button on the keyboard.
To select the optimal color of the sight, you should use one of the many tables of RGB-colors, for example, clicking on this link: . It should be remembered that to refer to RGB colors are used in different ways, the same Counter-strike works only the numeric representation type 256 256 256 three integers separated by spaces. In the console command, the color is written in quotation marks.