Define the desired shape of the display of the nickname in the game Warcraft:- two letters before the name - to display two characters normal color before color nickname;- one letter before the name - to display one symbol conventional colors before color name;- no letters before the name to display colored nick.Note the existing size limits Nika - the maximum size is five characters - and don't forget that display colored nick is only possible on someone else's computer, and not on his.
Use the following values to change the color of nick:- .|с00000000имя_Nika - black;- .|c0000ff00имя_nick - green;- .|c00ffbd00имя_nickname for gold;- .|c00ff00ffимя_nick - purple;- .|c000000ffимя_Nika - blue;- .|c00ff0000имя_Nika - red;- .|с007с7с7симя_Nika - AJ grey (for Warcraft).
Use specialized application Color Template, designed to change color nick in GGC (Garena). To do this, download and install the selected application on a computer Iwedia the meaning of his nickname in the first section of the program window. Specify the desired color of the nickname in the palette in the following section app Color Template and edit the resulting lines in the third and last section:- remove the symbols |r at the end of the line; enter a space character before the code;- use the above rules for the number of letters before the name.Copy the modified nickname and create a new user account using the stored strings (for Garena).
Use another specialized application Name Spoofer to change the color of your nickname in Start the game and connect to Carry out simultaneously pressing the keys Alt+Tab and run the application Name Spoofer. Enter the desired value of the nickname in the field Nickname the opened window and click Search. Specify selected color in the palette and authorize the changes by pressing the OK button (for