You will need
  • The computer
  • Counter Strike 1.6,
  • program to change the font color (Colouring CS 1.6 or CS 1.6 Coloured Bind Maker).
The first program to change the color of the font is called CS 1.6 Coloured Bind Maker. You can download it from any site dedicated to Sounter Strike, for example, from here:Установите the program, then run it.
The program has only one window with multiple items. In the picture they are numbered.1 – button to change the text color to green;2 – button to change the color of the text in accordance with your affiliation (blue SWAT, grey - spectators; red – terrorists);3 – button, changing the color of the words on a standard (yellow);4 – button Clear text field;5 – text box to enter words and apply codes to it that changes color;6 – preview. Here you can see how will look your text after applying codes;7 – the drop-down menu to switch the bindu (the Chat for all (say) - MM1; Team chat(say_team) - MM2);8 – string with the result (copied and pasted in the config).While you are alive, colored text will be visible only to your team (say_team). In the General chat (say) colored text is displayed only if you died.
Now write the words in the text box (5) and allocate it need codes. The picture shows the sample. Once you have created a word or phrase necessary color, (8), replace "" with the key that will invoke this phrase. The resulting string is copied, go to the folder cstrike (or cstrike_russian) and insert in the config file.cfg (or userconfig.cfg). Now the phrase the game will be caused by pressing your chosen key.
Consider the program Colouring CS 1.6. It's still easier. Download the program from the Internet (for example here: Set.Start the game Counter Strike 1.6. Change the color of the font is performed using the function keys:F9 – change the font on the chat room for all (say);F10 – changes the font to green in your team chat (say_team);F11 – uses the font of your team (white – special forces; blue – spectators; red – terrorists) in the chat for all;F12 – uses the font of your team (white – special forces; blue – spectators; red – terrorists) in the chat of your team.Also, as in the previous program, colored text is not visible in the General chat while you are alive.
You can change the font color and using the console. For this game Counter Strike 1.6 call the console and put this in it: con_color "xxx xxx xxx" where "xxx xxx xxx" is the color number from the color table (link to table: The color number can be entered directly into the game, and you can pre-make in the config file.cfg (or userconfig.cfg).