You will need
  • Internet access, a simple web camera
Purchase a webcamera. If you don't know what model to stay – consult your sales representative. Explain the purposes for which you need a webcam and he will recommend you a suitable modification. Just remember that you don't need web-cameras-class, is enough average. Complete with a webcam to go driver.
Connect the webcamera to your PC. If for some reason you have drivers not found, download them from the network.
Once you have connected your webcamera, make sure that Skype it "saw". How to do it: go to "Tools" and click "Settings" then go to the menu "video Settings" and check the box "Enable Skype video" checked. The tick must be present.
If Skype were to see your webcamera and it works, then in the upper right corner of your monitor you will see your image. If not – reinstall the driver and check again. If all is in order, your partner will see the same image.
You can adjust the video image at its discretion. This can be done through the option "Configure webcam". There you can set brightness, contrast, and color. All these changes will happen on your monitor – you control the process.
So, the image you see and the settings you have adjusted, now click the "Save" button. Your webcam in Skypee configured.