You will need
  • The phone or the Internet.
You can block your phone number at any time, if their account balance is positive. This service is particularly relevant if your mobile device is lost. In order not to lose the money you need as quickly as possible to contact the representative of the operator that will immediately block the SIM card". To restore it can be when visiting the brand of the cellular interior, and in exchange for the corresponding application you will be given a SIM card with the same set of numbers.
If you use cellular communication provided by the MTS company, ask to "freeze" the SIM card on the phone 0890 or 766-0166 (toll-free). You can also leave a message on the website Blocking rooms on the Internet-the resource will be for you much easier and faster as to wait for an operator on the line, can take time. The only thing you need in order to mute your own phone number through the website — unlimited Internet access.
In case your personal telephone number registered in Beeline network, for communication with the operator via phone call or 974-8888 0611 (connection and conversation - free). "Freeze" access number and can be on the official website of "VimpelCom" address
To block numbersprovided by the company the Megaphone, you will need to call one of three numbers: 050, 555, 507-7777 (toll-free). Install a lock on the card is also possible via the website (service "Service Guide").
If you are a subscriber network SkyLink, in order to freeze your room, you will need to contact the call-center operator on the phone 000 or 747-7171. For Internet lock, you will need to go to the website of MegaFon, but only in the category of "skypoint" (
The cost of the service to block phone numbers from each mobile operator has its own. To know its price are available on the official websites of companies or adding this question of call-center operators. The voluntary blocking you can specify the expiration date, noting when it should be activated number.