You will need
  • package of documents for obtaining a loan;
  • - form of the form of the Bank;
  • - the passport.
If you asked the Bank for a new loan, the main criterion for a positive decision regarding your application will be credit history, which is contained in the national Bureau. All the banks are working closely with this organization, but the security service checks the history of each client.
Classification of violations are classified according to several parameters. Norm is a delay of one week. If the average violation of the delay on the loan was made repeatedly, and its period was from 5 to 35 days. A serious violation is considered to be fully non-payment of loans.
Despite the different classification, the Bank is entitled to refuse to issue credit once the late payments of no more than 5 days. But not all banks are failing their customers to re-loans or when discovered damaged credit history which obtained in the KJV.
So if you need loan funds and are willing to prove their solvency, comply with all the settings made by the Bank to its customers can call in any organization, fill out a form and wait for a positive response.
If you have the opportunity to attach an official income certificate of the unified form No. 2-NDFL, you have a real estate or movable property, it is unlikely you will give a negative answer.
Banks are interested in attracting paying customers to credit and consider each application individually. Only non-payers or unfair to borrowers who took out a loan and not returned, unable to refuse. In other cases, the decision is positive and small technical delay is not taken into account and do not affect the loan.