About lateral thinking written many books, which provide practical advice on developing this ability. Mostly they were written by foreign authors, whose works were translated into Russian language. The surest way is to learn some techniques and begin to actively apply them in life.
In solving the next problem space, try to look at the picture. Often people like to complicate the situation, seeing simple solutions that lie on the surface.
Learn innovative approaches, which have ever thought of the people. History knows a lot of events during military campaigns, when bordering on nonsense decision brought victory. A vivid example – the abandonment of Moscow to Napoleon in 1812.
Start developing right hemisphere, which is responsible for the perception of symbols and images. By the way, this does not have to look for specific exercises, rather actively to use his left hand. For example, people residing at the computer, transfer the mouse to the other side.
Search for alternative solutions to different situations. Make one version as the only correct one without considering the other ways at least wrong, because even if you got into the stomach of the shark, you have at least two exits... Found the solution necessary to write down on a sheet of paper, after a while go back to them and adds new options. For example, your goal is to increase the number of customers. Write to her a few dozen ways to achieve this.
There is one training that allows you to develop lateral thinking. You choose one noun, and then come up to him about 50-100 variants that you can do with it. The first 10-15 solutions tend to be formulaic in nature, and further are markedly different from them. If you take the word "money", many people begin as a list of verbs "spend," "receive", "give", and then go to "make paper airplane", "embroider on the bill flowers", etc. of Course, most non-standard ideas and remains unclaimed, but with each subsequent exercise increases the likelihood to discover new capabilities in the professional sphere or the business and turn them into a source of income.