In educational institutions we try to give General knowledge from different spheres of life, but not taught directly to think. While studying children memorize certain formulas, facts, causal relationships, but independent of the productive work of the brain almost never happens. And ability outside the box, to think creatively is just a tool which helps millionaires become millionaires, inventors to produce new ideas, scientists – to improve technology, etc. For the advancement of society individuals must use their hidden potential. And imagine if each of us began to use their abilities? We would nature able to save, and new sources of energy found, and the cure for all diseases invented, and lived without wars and catastrophes.

How our brain works?

In standard domestic situations the person does not require any supernatural action or knowledge, because the brain doesn't produce any new ideas and does not use the hidden features. In unusual, emergency situations, on the contrary, the brain "turns on" the full and offers a solution to ease emotional stress. All restrictions about what we can or can't do, only in our head. Everyone can memorize vast amounts of information, solve complex problems, remember things that seemed long forgotten.

Ways, think outside the box

To use the opportunities that are not really needed in everyday life, it is necessary to offer your brain with non-standard tasks. This daily learning 5-7 foreign words, and logical puzzle solving, and the realization in the mind of complex mathematical operations with three-digit numbers. Methodology the development of their latent potential and the development of mental abilities.

To begin to develop their brain to organize megalocornea connection in it, to give the brain and a certain impetus for the work, you can use the following techniques and exercises:

1) Perform a cross movement, for example, Mahi, when the right leg bent at the knee, must touch the left elbow and Vice versa. These exercises activate both hemispheres of the brain and relieve mental fatigue.

2) Try to simultaneously rotate both hands in opposite directions: straight right hand rotates clockwise and left hand counterclockwise.

3) Connect the fingers in the rings: on the right hand, from index to little finger, connecting them in turn with your thumb, and on the left side in the opposite direction.

4) Select an object that you have in your apartment, and come up with 5-10 ways to apply in everyday life.

5) On a clean sheet write your dominant hand the one word. Then try to write that word second hand. Next, take a pen or pencil in both hands and try to write with two hands: one directly and the other in the mirror. If writing is difficult – you can first draw the shapes from the square to the sprocket.

6) Pronounce a long word, Vice versa, not writing them. For example, chicken – acerwc.

7) Bought another book from your favorite author, do not look at the annotation, and start reading. When you get to some exciting moment, close the book and try to imagine what will happen next. Then compare their ideas. So you will be able to develop the ability to anticipate events.

8) Learn to observe and recall. First, you can focus on one thing, throwing him a quick look and trying to reproduce as much as possible details characterizing it. Then focus attention on the environment in the house or on the street and also how you can more fully play the part. The most difficult exercise is to recall the night of all events that occurred during the day: with whom to communicate who he met and what kind of cars drove past, what you had for lunch, etc.

These methods very much. You can develop the brain through games with friends: to create associations, create new names for familiar objects, to write poetry. It is important not to give your brain to stagnate and to constantly give him new puzzles.