Immersion in the topic

To develop creative abilities, you must commit yourself fully to this process. If you engage in certain activities and want to improve the approach to the work, thoroughly examine it, become an expert in your field. A good knowledge is a prerequisite of creativity, it improves thinking, and helps find innovative solutions to challenges.
To develop creative thinking impossible, if not time. Schedule and daily and purposefully engaged in their own development.

Take the risk

The creative approach often associated with the fact that an adult has to take some risk, because the proposed solution in this case is non-standard. Decisions it does not always lead to success, but the process itself is important to search for them, because it reinforces newly acquired skills and helps not to be afraid to solve complex problems. Keep your confidence in their abilities. Constantly look for motivation for the development of their creative potential.

Get rid of negativity

Good mood and positive mood improve the ability to creative thinking. Never engage in self-criticism about their activities, throw away all the negative thoughts. All this may adversely affect your creativity.


Brainstorming is a common technique of solving complex problems, it is based on the active production of the different methods of solving problems. This technique is very well developed creative thinking. Define the problem and begin to record the ways of its solution. Your task is to record the maximum number of ideas in a short period of time. Then focus on written solutions and improve them until, until you find the best of them.
Do not stop at quick and easy answers. Always look for alternative ways of solving problems.

Capture your ideas

A good way of development of creative thinking is to record your creative process. Get a diary and write down all ideas that come to you, they can refer to very different topics. The diary will help you not to focus on the same solutions and stimulate you to find new. In addition, when solving a specific problem you can always turn to your journal and learn from his own ideas.

Look for inspiration

To develop creative thinking on an empty space impossible. Constantly looking for sources of inspiration. Read books, listen to music, watch films, take part in often lively discussions. All of this is a source of new ideas and motivation to independent creative activity.