Puzzles. Pay attention to the solution of logic problems, crossword puzzles, puzzles. In order to see will buy ready-made answers to the problem book. Search the Internet for different options of cases, certain problematic situations that require an informed decision. Most often such questions are asked by applicants at the interview, experts of personnel services. Thus, the applicant's response to the task, to judge his logical skills and structured response, as well as about such qualities of character as concentration, resourcefulness and resistance to stress.
Psychological analysis. Analyze your life or your friends. Write down on paper the key stages of life, decisions at the crossroads of life roads and the result, i.e. what they (or you) currently have. In the end, you will build on the paper your the tree of life and to clearly see how individual decisions and events influenced the fate.
Then, on another sheet of paper draw the way, if you've changed something in the past. For example, would choose another profession or change the place of residence. Now, tell your friends, bring your arguments to defend your decisions and wait for their reaction. Most likely, the discussion will result in the dispute, which might develop your analytical skills.
TV. More watch analytical programs where the experts give their opinion on the political situation in the country, economic crisis, etc. You'll clearly see and hear the logic of constructing their answers to tricky questions from journalists and make some conclusions.