Advice 1: How to beat chronic fatigue

Fatigue arises due to different reasons – a nervous and physical stress, heavy meals, slagging, hypoxia, and dehydration. But if fatigue becomes chronic, you should seriously fear for their health. Perhaps the body has ceased to use its compensatory abilities and have been exposed to toxins produced by various viruses. But not to resort to the help of doctors, should first try to get rid of this disease on their own.
How to beat chronic fatigue
To get rid of chronic fatigue, it is primarily necessary to release the body from the ballast of harmful substances. So once a year to carry out the cleansing of all systems, especially the digestive and the urinary. Many techniques enables you to select a more affordable way. In addition, help the body to remove toxins and salt, which regularly visit a bath and 24 hours in the week to completely abstain from any food. Indulge in a day just in water or juice.
Pay more attention to their nutrition. Eliminate foods that cause stress, disturbing thoughts and depression. These include refined sugar, cereals and flour products made from white flour, prepared foods, confectionery, fizzy drinks and packaged juices. Instead, enrich your menu vegetable salads and soups, greens, fruit and berry desserts and natural juices, as well as nuts, pumpkin seeds, grey bread, honey, milk and cheese. In addition, 2 times a year take your vitamins. Their deficit is one of the causes of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Do not allow yourself stress and avoid stagnation of blood and lymph. To avoid this help sports, delivering physical and psychological pleasure – dancing, gym, shaping, swimming. Importantly, the lessons were regular and without excessive load. In this case, they will always activate many systems, including the excretory, due to which the body is freed from toxins and other harmful substances. Large accumulation affects the nervous system and eventually leads to chronic fatigue.
For spiritual purification often refer to nature. It helps to relieve stress. Leave town in a deserted but beautiful place. Relax among the trees. They absorb the negativity, coming from people and replace it with its positive energy. In addition, contemplate all the beautiful things, listen to your favorite music, read, watch Comedy programs. To achieve harmony of the body with the environment, practice yoga, anger management and meditation. They perfectly eliminate chronic fatigue, improve emotional state and give physical strength. But to achieve the desired results, perform the first training with a skilled instructor.
Because chronic fatigue often leads to exhaustion of the nervous system follow a number of rules contributing to its stabilization and strengthening. Get up early in the morning. And to facilitate Wake-up instead of an alarm clock set timer to switch on the energetic music. To boost take a contrast shower or do the pouring (rubbing) with cold water. To the morning to assemble in a hurry, prepare all you need in the evening. Plan your day in advance and do not neglect the entries in the diary. Don't let in your social circle doubting or depressed people.
Strengthen their health, because with good immunity many viruses, including those causing chronic fatigue, is capable of years to coexist with humans without causing him any harm. And to increase the energy potential eat right, follow your intestine, tempered, moderate, take the sun, walk in the fresh air, sleep well, please yourself with a massage, a visit to the salons and other places. Compliance with these rules for several months to quietly get rid of chronic fatigue. And not only received a positive result to consult a doctor.

Advice 2 : How to beat chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome is one of the most common problems of the XXI century. Everyone once in life, but faced with such a condition, when neither the strength nor the desire to move on. Most important in this situation, to avoid this issue became protracted. But it often happens that even no time to understand the origins of this condition.
How to beat chronic fatigue syndrome

Most often this disease affected great perfectionists. Since childhood, in school, taught the entire work to perform not only as "excellent", and if also the will-power to say no to people is not enough, then bear everything that is possible and impossible, on the fragile shoulders and so on until the breakdown. But in addition to work and even maintain the house and family. How to do everything, how to survive, how not to break?

For a start, at least try to lower the bar of duty. If you live in this rhythm, the body will wear out much faster and then no amount of money will not be able to restore that much easier to maintain. Immediately to change themselves and the way of life is, of course, impossible, but try still stands.

You need to tailor a system of proper nutrition. In any case, you cannot sit on a single component diets, because weary body for a successful recovery need all the vitamins and minerals. Try to build your menu so that done a balanced amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates, otherwise it will interfere with the metabolism and you everything else and to get better starts.

You must also enter a rule daily physical activity. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself for hours in the gym, but the exercises in the morning and douche definitely recommended. Try as much as possible to walk, breathe oxygen and be charged by energy from the sun will all contribute to the magic hormone of happiness "serotonin", and then fatigue to overcome will be much easier.

Enter a strict regime of the day. Even if you have a very high daily workload and sleep as much as is required for normal functioning, cannot, at least try to accustom your body to bed and getting up at the same time, then normal sleep and productivity during the day too will increase.

Fill in your daily life the element of surprise, allow yourself small pleasures, reward yourself for each successfully completed case – then the mood will improve and motivation will increase, and in General all the problems will be on the shoulder!

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