What can cause fatigue at work

When a long time a person feels fatigue from any work, it is necessary to find the cause of this condition. Often it is incorrectly organized way of life, disturbance of sleep and wakefulness, night reports at the computer and early rise. Sedentary lifestyle, lack of oxygen, permanent seat in the office.

Bad habits, in turn, significantly undermine health. If a person smokes and drinks, can all contribute to the excretion of nutrients, which are responsible for the immune status. For example, when Smoking the body poorly absorbs vitamin C which not only maintains the beauty and youthfulness but also gives a feeling of cheerfulness.

Sometimes the cause of constant fatigue can be various diseases: anemia, traumatic brain injury, diabetes, hormonal disturbances. People can for years to feel weakness, fatigue and apathy, and tie it to mental and physical stress.

What to do when tired

You first need to be examined by a doctor to be tested for blood sugar, thyroid hormones. If the reason is a somatic disorder, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate therapy. After a certain time fatigue will disappear.

If fatigue occurs in winter or spring, you can start taking a multivitamin. It's probably just easiest deficiencies. In General, doctors do not recommend to wait for the extreme fatigue, and immediately start taking vitamins. In pharmacy there are numerous systems designed for the workers of mental and physical labor.

At a constant fatigue at work, you need to revise your schedule. You need to learn to go to sleep until 12 o'clock, the ascent can be and 6 and 7 in the morning. During this period the body of an adult will have a great time, all phases of sleep have time to go through, which will positively affect the General state of health.

Quitting bad habits will greatly strengthen the body, will not let him so tired. The money saved from cigarettes or beer you can buy good vitamins or take a bike. Bad habits can be attributed to eating fast foods that it is best to replace healthy food: vegetable sandwiches, cereal, nuts. This will give the body an energy boost and will help to hold without fatigue all day.

At work you can make micropause, at this time, it is better to drink natural juice, or spend a small charge for the muscles of the face, hands and eyes. Don't forget about regular nature walks. Fresh air has beneficial effects, relieves stress and fatigue.