Select the cloth for the billiard tableand made of high quality fabric. The fabric should be very smooth to ensure maximum acceleration of the ball. Lay the cloth also need according to certain rules, irregularities should not be.
Remember that before you stretch the carpet should be thoroughly vyhledat. Lay it face-up on directly on the playing field. Secure the cloth around the corner pocket (any), leaving a small slack of the cloth directly to the neck pocket. Next, stretch the cloth across the field and do the same with the opposite pocket. Pull the cloth toward the middle hole and again fasten the fabric around the neck pocket, leaving a slight slack of the cloth around the neck pocket, and then take all the same manipulations on the opposite side of the field.
Pull the fabric from the middle pocket to corner and then do the same on the opposite side of the field. Cutouts Luz execute, focusing on their own discretion, most importantly, be careful on the playing surface had no wrinkles and folds. Also do not overtighten the carpet too much (when the cloth drag is felt). Secure the cloth around the perimeter of the playing surface, and the remaining excess fabric, remove with scissors or knife. Also make the cloth holes for fastening of the boards — just pierce them with cross cuts.
Pay attention to some nuances that are also important during the process of pulling a billiard table. For fastening the cloth, use a small clove of length with broad heads. They will not split the edge of the chipboard, and wide cap will ensure better load distribution over the fabric in places punctures, avoiding tears. During restringing in any case, do not use metal spatulas, they can leave on the cloth hooks, that is, to damage it and make it unfit for play.