You will need
  • computer;
  • - archiving tool.
To compress files for sending by e-mail, standard tools of the Windows operating system. Navigate to the file you want to compress, right-click the mouse on a file or folder, select "send to", then click "Compressed Zip folder". The screen will display new archived folder, click the right mouse button and click Rename to change the name of this folder.
Go to the official website of the popular archiver Winrar Go there, download the program-archiver to archive the files. To do this, follow the link until the download and run the installation file and install the program. Run the program, in its window you will see a list of folders and files of your computer. Navigate to the folder where they are prepared for archiving files. Go to folders in the program window as you would in Windows Explorer.
Highlight the desired files with your mouse to create the archive, click the "Add" button on the toolbar or the key combination Alt+A. Then in the next window specify a name for the archive that will be created. Select the folder in which to create the archive. To make a multivolume backup, for example, shrink the large file and send via e-mail, where there are limitations on the volume of files, type in a special field the size of the volume. For example, the e-mail server from which you are going to send a file, you cannot send files weighing more than 100 MB. Hence, the size of the volume in this field, enter 102400 KB. Then the file will be compressed and cut into "pieces" weighing in at 100 MB each.
Protect archive from damage in transit. To do this, add a data recovery record, go to the Advanced tab, specify the percentage of the archive that will hold the data to restore. You can set the value to 3%. To protect the archive from unauthorized access, go to the "Advanced" tab, click "Set password". In the window that appears, enter the password to create the protected file. Click "OK" to compress the files into an archive. A window will appear with statistics of compression, click "Background" and the window will minimize to tray.