House master for the manufacture of furniture require the instruments for measuring and cutting out of the canvases, their gluing and Assembly, for fixing the components. Some of the machines and accessories are quite expensive, so you need a set of tools often form gradually.

What tool is needed for furniture making?

Furniture is of two types: freestanding and soft. Each of them will require their instrument, but most of the work is performed by one and the same. First of all, the master will need a good marking tool. In it include: carpenter's square (for alignment perpendicular to the surface), pencil (preferably hard-soft), quality roulette, two level (one – length of 30-40 cm, the second 80 cm), flat metal ruler.

For cutting wood canvases will need a saw. Handsaw will suffice if the work bit. But for the production of large furniture will need is a circular saw (a cutting depth of 5.5 cm), and highly desirable end-povodna saw. This tool is a small machine equipped with a table for placing the corners. It is very convenient to operate, if you want to make custom furniture. Another essential tool for cutting – the jigsaw. It is recommended to buy a set of blades with different height of teeth. Will help in cutting small parts grinder, equipped with a drive to work on wood.

To drill holes you will need a screwdriver that works on battery. Better to buy one that has a replaceable battery. Parts to this tool – a set of drills of different diameters and a set of nozzles. For gluing the edges will need a heat gun. But many masters of this instrument replaces conventional iron. For knife sharpening and accessories it is advisable to purchase a special machine and grinding wheels with different grit.

Tools for making upholstered furniture

For the manufacture of upholstered furniture will need tools to work with fabric, foam and other fillers: a short knife with a sharp blade (you can use stationery), staple gun and a set of clamps, a special needle for firmware trim (wreath). For gluing canvases need glue. For their finishing – brushes, paints, colours, varnishes, solvents. In the work to assemble furniture will need a small hammer, rubber mallet, pliers, screwdriver set. If will be carried out glazing works, then you need to purchase a quality glass cutter (preferably liquid with a diamond cutting edge).