Laminated chipboard differs from an ordinary plate because its surface is treated with a special film based on thermosetting polymers. This kind of paper and resin film.

Manufacture of chipboard

Laminated chipboard is made from different binders that are environmentally friendly. So, chipboard is manufactured under constant supervision and using modern adhesives. It is composed of water-repellent and antiseptic additives, which give the plate resistance from moisture. Those additives chipboard got so much popularity among consumers.

Great attention is paid in the production of environmentally friendly material, in particular formaldehyde content in the material and the air. For a long time it was believed that if you leave raw cut plate, the room where she is fed with a poisonous mixture, which allegedly exudes glued chips. But it is nothing more than delusion. Glue components do not contain phenols, and the share of toxic substances is negligible. It held special expertise, thanks to the chipboard on the indicators is slightly different from furniture made from solid wood.

However, to use the cooker without the edging is still not recommended, but it is connected with the preservation of material without face protection will quickly absorb moisture from the environment and swell.


Of chipboard is usually made home and office furniture. Furniture from laminated chipboard is characterized by its practicality and beauty, it is versatile and if necessary can be easily modernization.

The product is resistant to moisture due to the laminating coating, unlike regular wood, which can absorb water, even when it is indirect contact (for example, if you leave on the table with a wet rag).

Furniture made of chipboard, is well suited for the kitchen, where there is no crack and crack. It is much more aesthetic plastic furniture, but because it can often be found even in the bathrooms.

In addition, the laminated panels have good heat and sound insulation characteristics. Such panels can sheathe the walls in the home or office, creating additional sound and thermal insulation of the room.

When cleaning furniture made of chipboard, you can wipe with a damp cloth, but it is not recommended to use too active detergents, as they are in its chemical composition, can damage the protective layer, which is printed on chipboard. We also recommend not to apply a load in a long time, if it is more than 10 -15 lbs. If the load on the shelf above that weight, then the deformation shelves. If you follow these rules, then furniture made of chipboard, will last you a very long time.