Only very strong willed people can say a firm "no" and never to take cigarettes. Maybe you relate to him, and you too, can learn to break the cycle one day and quit. Just don't bear it "no" every time for tomorrow or Monday.
If the craving for tobacco is very strong and his will power is not enough, you should seek the assistance of a therapist and make a few hypnotic sessions. Success is guaranteed only to those who want to quit Smoking. Healers, simply to say "grandmother", also can do coding from Smoking. Unfortunately, many of them charlatans.
You can try to wean yourself from tobacco, without the harmful invasion of the subconscious. For this is nicotine gum, patches, pills and electronic cigarettes. If you have to isolate yourself from the company of smokers and to work in times of heightened urge to smoke, then gradually the body becomes accustomed to life without tobacco.
Eastern medicine works wonders so you should visit any center and make a course of acupuncture. The procedure is not the most pleasant, but allows you to quit Smoking easily.
In General, to forget about Smoking, it is necessary to completely rethink their way of life. It is very difficult to resist and not take a cigarette and if a lot of time with smokers. Of course, it is foolish to change the main work and friends, but to do fitness, go walking, just to run in the mornings never too late to start.