Don't forget that willpower has to become your reliable assistant in the fight against cigarettes. Think about that even one little cigarette every time shortens your life. It just kills you, doing everything slowly, but very surely. This is a great argument to forget about cigarettes once and for all.
The first thing to get in your house everything associated with Smoking - cigarettes, lighters, matches, ashtrays. They don't need the extra time to remind you of the pernicious habit.
Try to take time off from alcoholic drinks, coffee, strong tea, spicy and salty foods as all of this provokes a strong desire to smoke. Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in essential vitamins.
Avoid places where smoke constantly. Often visit theatres, exhibitions, cinema, museums, in the halls where Smoking is prohibited. Communicate more with non smokers.
To overcome a strong temptation, read fascinating books, solve crossword puzzles, watch movies, play computer games. The most important thing for you is in any way distracted from cigarettes.
Always keep nuts, crackers, seeds, dried fruit or any fruit and vegetables. Increase water intake to two liters a day. It will help excrete residues of toxins.
Try instead of cigarette smoke to breathe new smells. Find information about aromatherapy and try for yourself the amazing magic of aromas.
If there is a desire to smoke, immediately remove a cigarette, and some time hold the pack in your hands. This time do something fun, pleasant, quick to get distracted from cigarettes. Chat with someone on the phone or make a tea.
Try using nicotine patches, which deliver nicotine to the body through the skin throughout the day. Treatment with this drug is by reducing doses of nicotine to completely get rid of dependence on Smoking.