Plan a day when you quit Smoking. Although many successful people say that there is no better time for action than now, the majority of quitters on the results of short-term meditation soon anyway back to the ill-fated habit. No doubt, such a scenario is also possible, but with an eye on the practice of withdrawing from cigarettes, you can say that it is effective in extremely rare cases. And from the moment of gaining the long awaited freedom you have to separate at least a week – this time will be enough psychological preparation.
Can not limit itself in Smoking before date "X", but proceed constantly to think that with such-that numbers you will begin a new life – a life without cigarettes. For clarity, it is possible to register your desire in the diary, and it is better to attach a piece of him in a prominent place. Imagine how good you will feel if you lose the harmful habits.
Count the time you spend every time on Smoking. It is only at first glance it looks very small. But if you count by the year, 5 year, life, you get impressive performance. The same applies to money. For example, a daily purchase of a pack of cigarettes at a price of 50 p in terms of 12 months is comparable to the cost of a week's tour in a three star hotel in Turkey or Egypt.
Focus on the desire to quit Smoking. Every time, breathing in toxic smoke yourself, think about it. If possible, limit your contact with smokers, especially the first time after quitting cigarettes. Ultimately, the deciding factors of the success of the operation will be the force of will and pressure from the environment. Remember that Smoking is the devil's pleasure, and speak of the devil always starts with "I once...". So if you quit Smoking, you should not have any weaknesses in relation to cigarettes. One puff will lead to a return to normal: habits do not disappear, they may perhaps be in sleep state. And your task is just to extend it as long as possible.