Monitor the General state of his health. At the initial stage cervical cancer of the uterus may be asymptomatic. Then there are vaginal discharge is white with an admixture of blood, which can become abundant after heavy lifting, sexual intercourse, or when douching.
As the growth of the tumor may experience unpleasant sensations during urination, pain and heaviness in the abdomen. Do not attempt to self-medicate, relying on a banal inflammation. No visit to a specialist it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis, and especially to appoint a particular drug.
Contact the hospital and go through a gynecological examination. The doctor must swab the surface of the cervix of the uterus for cytological examination (pap smear or Papanicolaou test ). The procedure absolutely free.
If cancer is suspected you will be referred for an ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and TC-scan. Also you take a small piece of affected tissue for histological testing that will more accurately identify which cells is a tumor. One should not exclude a benign origin of the tumor.
If the diagnosis is confirmed, you will be given comprehensive treatment. Usually the tumor is removed or completely genitals, nearby metastases. The ovaries in some cases it is possible to save. After that, you have to undergo chemotherapy and radiotherapy, the intensity of which is selected by the attending physician.