You will need
  • Connecting to phone lines that is easy to remember customer's telephone number (s), phone and software.
Decide the area of work. This can be a centre of service of calls of clients of your own company, or so-called outsourcing callcenterproviding such services to other organizations. Work can be carried out for incoming and outgoing calls to potential clients.
Equip the working space for the dispatch service. It must meet sanitary and technical requirements. In particular, the area of the premises calculated at the rate of 20 cubic meters per person. Most often used open space, where jobs are separated from each other by partitions. In other areas, place accounting and administrative staff.
Special attention should be paid to the technical equipment of the callcenter. First of all, need a telephone line connected to the number starting with 8-800 numbers, or ordinary city numbers. It is also necessary to provide special telephone equipment. In addition, you'll need to be connected to the lines high-speed Internet. Software call-centerand should address such tasks as registration of incoming and outgoing calls, interactive voice menus, call distribution organization and display of relevant information at the operator control station, recording, storing call history of each customer and others.
Carry out recruitment. You'll need the operators, supervisors, managers, technicians. Often staff call-centerand are combined into a structure consisting of several levels. In this case, the standard questions answer the customers ' operators, and more complex – are forwarded to the competent employee. It is necessary to develop the optimal operation of the centre. Typically, operators work in shifts.