You will need
  • 1. The room is equipped with shelves and large furniture;
  • 2. Database of suppliers of spare parts for household appliances (if your center is not authorized);
  • 3. The tool required to operate appliances;
  • 4. Master (or assistant foreman), the telephone operator.
Decide whether you want to work with a specific manufacturer, or will not limit yourself to attached to one brand. This choice for masters with experience is often not worth it – specialization simply doesn't pay, and direct cooperation with the company occurs on terms unprofitable for you. That is why the authorised service centres are not all manufacturers, some of them are satisfied with the agreement with a small workshop somewhere on the outskirts of the city.
Arrange for your service center "base," which will be able to receive calls and answer customer questions. In the room you need to maintain the relative order spare parts for home appliances, you are going to repair, not lost. This is especially important if you plan to repair a variety of devices – clutter in the workplace and outbuildings should try to avoid as much as possible.
Find as many universal parts suppliers for the most diverse home appliances and make their base. How fast can you find the required part, depends on how quickly you complete the order. And in the conditions of competition several service centers that specialize in the repair of home appliances, it will be a weighty argument in your favor.
Get the tool that you may need in the most cost workshops that can easily be found in any garage). Experienced master, who will work for you, and knew that he would need, and I'll tell you about it. And the owner of the shop, as a rule, he was one of its masters. It remains only to decide who will perform the function of telephone operator – not to be distracted from the work itself, it can be charged to any of the female relatives.