Requirements for the position

Specialist of telemarketing Department represents the work of the operator involved in telephone sales. Typically, employees need banking, marketing, telecommunications and other companies. To apply for the position, can the experts from both technical and arts education, because in the interview Department heads pay attention to the personal qualities of the applicant.

Usually, the office assistants telemarketers are students without work experience, looking for work with a convenient schedule and the possibility of parallel training.

When applying for the position telemarketing specialist is required to have higher or incomplete higher education. In addition, the applicant must have a competent speech, be active, sociable and self-confident. The most ideal candidate for this position is a person with education which overlaps with the specifics of the trading industry – in this case, it can further promote other sectoral departments.

Professional responsibilities

Functional responsibilities of the telemarketer include: presentation of goods sold, phone calls to various organizations, scheduling meetings with clients, accountants, lawyers and leaders of the company that employs the specialist. In addition, the telemarketer must work with key customers, providing them with all necessary information by conducting interviews with a ready customer base and taking statistics on the outcome of the negotiations.

It is also the responsibility of a specialist telemarketing Department is to expand the base of potential customers through their search.

From the telemarketer is required to have a minimum of experience in individual sales, good learning ability and ability to submit profitable product. A good telemarketer should be able to convince the customer to buy a product, but to be as sensitive and unobtrusive, Testament to his professionalism and high status of the company. Because this specialist has a voice, he should be able to speak beautifully and have a good vocabulary. Equally important is the stress of the applicant, as well as the ability to quickly get out of deadlocks in conversation with a potential client. Also welcome possession of a personal computer.