You will need
  • - funds to purchase equipment and office equipment (computer, printer);
  • - order forms or contracts with customers for maintenance and repair of equipment in a printed or electronic version;
  • - office space with access to transport;
  • - private car (if the wizard will leave for the house;
  • - racks for storing tools and equipment;
  • phone;
  • - Internet access
Contact the tax office for registration of the enterprise or other form of ownership. Order your seal or stamp of the organization (done only after formally registration of a legal entity). Possibly open a Bank account, as cooperation with legal entities (e.g. companies) will pay for your services via Bank transfer.
Rent office space or purchase of non-residential space for service center. It is desirable that the office was well lit, as the work with small parts requires a large stakecentertion of attention and vision.
Organise good access to the service center. If your company will repair large household appliances, customers will be brought by car. If master plans to go to the house to clients, you will need your own car, as the technique may require "hospitalization" to the service center.
Purchase a minimum set of equipment (oscillography, frequency meters, generators, power supplies, screwdrivers). As a rule, the wizard can require the acquisition of additional equipment, without which it is impossible to fix a particular technique. You will also need a computer with Internet access for making orders online and the phone to communicate with the client. The printer may need to print out order forms or contracts for maintenance and repair of equipment.
Hire qualified staff. For the effective operation of the service center will require the presence of at least two artists who have had a technical education and experience in the field of maintenance and repair.
Decorate the room with racks, equipment, appliances. Service center is ready to work.