Advice 1: How to develop motor skills of hands

Fine motor tasks of the hand called the coordinated activities of the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems to perform precise movements of the hands and fingers of the upper extremities. It develops from childhood, but sometimes in the adult occurs its violation.
How to develop motor skills of hands
There are three main types of disorders of fine motor skills of hands:- violation signal to perform an action - this may be the consequence of organic lesions of the cerebral cortex, stroke, traumatic brain injury;
- disruption of signal transmission as a consequence of Parkinson's disease, cervical degenerative disc disease or post-stroke condition;
- violation of receiving and executing signals due to cerebral palsy, anyonewas or trauma of the upper extremities, insufficient development of motor skills since childhood.
In order to restore and develop the motor skills of the hand after stroke, shows the contrast baths and vasodilators, for example, injection of nicotinic acid intramuscularly. If the cause of the breach became cervical osteochondrosis, is assigned to a massage of the cervical spine. In all cases a very useful massage of the hands, especially fingers – it helps early recovery of motor skills.
After treatment for full rehabilitation will require a sustained workout. Experts advise the same methods that are applied in order to develop motor skills of hands of the child. Start with clay modelling, clay, dough. This is a very effective way of training, because it involves all the fingers and brushes of hands. It is important to change the plastic materials that you learn to clearly distinguish between them by touch.
For this purpose the production of different types of wrist massagers with a smooth, rough or spiked surface. Rough elastic flexing massager in hand, you simultaneously train your fingers and get a massage of the palms.
You can use a tennis ball and colored rubber bands: pull the elastic band to the ball to make a colorful layered composition.
A very good way of the development of motor skills – different types of handsodeliya, for example, knitting or beading. Of course, they require endurance and patience, but the result will be a double – a healthy nimble fingers and beautiful useful product, which you have made for yourself.Restoration and development of motor skills requires time and patience, but your health is worth the effort spent on it.

Advice 2 : How to recover the hand after a stroke

Currently, the stroke is considered to be one of the most dangerous and severe disease of the nervous system. It is a violation of cerebral circulation of blood or simply a brain hemorrhage. To avoid stroke , you must maintain a proper and healthy lifestyle, less Smoking and drinking alcohol, then the probability of stroke can be greatly reduced.
How to recover the hand after a stroke
Different people have effects of a stroke vary as well. One lost it, another memory, the third starts to go bad, and the fourth numb and the hand is taken away. Recovery after stroke is a complex multistep process that can be divided into psychological and physical rehabilitation. Psychological recovery includes the therapist, constant work on yourself and develop a positive attitude to life. Think about the recovery and be aimed at a positive result. Positive thoughts combined with compound exercises will put you on your feet.
Regular exercise for recovery after stroke are a major constituent component of physical rehabilitation. For the correct instructions on how to perform the exercises for hands consult a physiotherapist who will select the most suitable set of exercises. In any case, do not be discouraged and do not despair if the expected result is not a long time. Sooner or later you will feel that the hand begins to work normally. Over time completely restoring her health, you'll be able to live a full active life, play sports and perform daily routine work.
If you are unable to return the motor activity of hands at home, then go recovery after stroke in a sanatorium, where you will provide proper care and ensure the regular passage of all necessary procedures. Sign up for courses a massage that will speed up rehabilitation of your body after a stroke. Conducted by experienced professional massage will help as soon as possible to normalize the blood circulation in the hands, which in itself is very important as the normal blood circulation will help restore motor skills and physical activity of your hand. Follow the above recommendations, it will help you in the shortest possible time to cope with the disease and bring back the joy of everyday life.

Advice 3 : How to develop a motility of fingers

In the human brain the speech centers are located near the centers responsible for movement of fingers of hands. That is why good development of fine motor skills has a positive effect on the development of language skills and thinking and ingenuity. Below are some games aimed to help not quite capable hands become "crazy."
How to develop a motility of fingers
Give your baby a chance to play with all sorts of objects, different in size, shape, texture, etc. As a rule, children find themselves required to play the game of boxes, plastic bottles, sticks, pieces of fabric, paper and other "teaching AIDS". In addition, in any toy shop sold a variety of fixtures aimed at the development of motor skills, ranging from soft books with smooth, ringing, rustling, velvet stripes and different protruding elements, and ending with a mini Playground.
You must teach the child to pour water from the smaller dishes in the larger and Vice versa. You can also help him to collect water from the tap into a Cup or handles (strainer) to catch floating in the bath small items. Of course, it is better to show him the game while bathing so he doesn't wet the clothes. There are special wind-up toys bath: swimming crabs, fish, crustaceans, etc., which in the eyes of kids is even more attractive prey.
For the development of motor skills of the fingers allow the child to play with bulk materials. In the summer, for this purpose you can use the usual sandbox. Show him how many kinds of actions you can perform with sand, sprinkle it with your hands or a shovel in the different shapes of buckets, peresypaya from one hand to another, screening, sculpt mud pies, even if he destroys them, trying to make their own.
Is the sandbox you can use for games rump. It is advisable to vary the kind of cereal that the kid is not tired of the game. Peresypaya it from one vessel into another, take a spoon or scoop, load truck, transport, unload. If a child tries to chew the cereal - replace with salt. Any kid won't eat salt, try it once.
Develop fine motor skills of hands of the child through play with beads, buttons, pasta, beans, etc. At the same time, be sure to follow the kid, otherwise he might swallow something or shove the spout, imagination and curiosity they do not occupy. Games are about the same as grits. You can also make a small hole in a cardboard box with a lid and show how to push back beads, put them in the cells for eggs. In short, whereitis as you can.
Useful advice
Today, the attitude to the sandbox has become ambiguous. All pediatricians in one voice told that the sandbox is the most insidious distributor of all kinds of bacteria. The reason is that in addition to children, in a sandbox like "play" kitties, and doggies. Common sense in this, of course.

But if you do decide to take baby - don't let tasting the sand! Once that happens the first time - immediately gather all the toys and leave the Playground. You need it to emotionally demonstrate your frustration about the fact that he did, and to explain that you can't do it.

Go back, if the kid really begs you, but first make a contract with him that he will not do so. If I repeat the same thing - remove him from the sandbox and don't go back there for a couple of days. Passing the site, remind him that you're sorry but you can't play there, because he eats the sand. Then try again, soon he will understand and stop trying the sand taste.

Advice 4 : What toys develop children's motor skills

Develop fine motor skills, or in other words, the ability of a child to your own hands, you need. It all starts with early childhood, "Latuszek". Later buy the child special educational games. Catching up together with the son or daughter of a mosaic, modelling, collecting models from the designer, parents develop thereby the intelligence of the child.
One species develops fine motor skills - lacing
The relationship between brain structures and motor skills of the hands – known scientific fact. Psychologists in kindergartens and schools, be sure to pay attention to the dexterity of children's fingers. The more the child is able to do with his hands, the more likely that it will be good to learn.

Develop fine motor skills the child needs to be constantly and ever since he was born. Now in stores a huge selection of appropriate toys, games and benefits. But the development of the children successfully engaged and our grandparents, although sometimes not understood, for what they did.

Finger games

Surely all remember the nursery rhymes "Forty-crow", "Ladushki" and other. What makes a mother or grandmother, when touches, kneads, bends-bend your fingers on the infant hand? Trains fine motor skills. Although it looks like a breeze, meanwhile, it brings pleasure and benefit to the child.

A little older child, and mother seats him next to him when engaged in economic Affairs. The child touches different things, feel their roughness or smoothness, playing with saucepans, spoons, trying to put something inside something to get it. And it is also very important things for the baby.

There is a special finger games. This is the topic of many books that you can easily buy in bookstores. After the words simple rhymes child with an adult puts the fingers in a certain order. Good fun and useful for children's development.
Finger games or gymnastics for the fingers should be done in kindergartens and schools. It's a good training arm to the letter.

When children become older, they ascribe to adult classes. Girls are starting to do crafts. A very useful work with knitting crochet. By the way, nice knitting work and the two boys. But they are usually more like daddy's tools: a hammer, file. The result worked through the coordination of movements, the hands become more skilled.

Special games for development of fine motor skills

Today, toys and games for development of fine motor skills so much that it is difficult to stop the attention on one thing.

For very young kids sold a variety of inserted in each other items. This is the traditional pyramid, dolls, and games made on the principle of Montessori. Among the first toys and all kinds of lace, their selection is also quite large. While playing, the child meets along the way, with size, color and shape. But at the same time learning self-care.

Another common Board games – mosaic. Since the details of this game are quite small, it is recommended for children after three years. Although younger children can handle a mosaic, only needs constant adult supervision.
Some parents complain that the child is not interested in developing games. However, all of these games are not designed for independent play for a child. Mandatory participation of adults.

The game develops fine motor skills, should also include blocks, puzzles, various designers.

It is useful to start modeling, the benefit of lack of clay now, no. You can select the desired clay color and quality. If you like to sculpt from more natural materials, you can choose clay or salt dough. Children love these classes along with the drawing.

It is hardly possible in a short article to list all the toys and games that develop motor skills of hands. It is important to remember that these games are necessary for all children. How skilled are the fingers of the child depends on the development of his speech and intellect.
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