There are three main types of disorders of fine motor skills of hands:- violation signal to perform an action - this may be the consequence of organic lesions of the cerebral cortex, stroke, traumatic brain injury;
- disruption of signal transmission as a consequence of Parkinson's disease, cervical degenerative disc disease or post-stroke condition;
- violation of receiving and executing signals due to cerebral palsy, anyonewas or trauma of the upper extremities, insufficient development of motor skills since childhood.
In order to restore and develop the motor skills of the hand after stroke, shows the contrast baths and vasodilators, for example, injection of nicotinic acid intramuscularly. If the cause of the breach became cervical osteochondrosis, is assigned to a massage of the cervical spine. In all cases a very useful massage of the hands, especially fingers – it helps early recovery of motor skills.
After treatment for full rehabilitation will require a sustained workout. Experts advise the same methods that are applied in order to develop motor skills of hands of the child. Start with clay modelling, clay, dough. This is a very effective way of training, because it involves all the fingers and brushes of hands. It is important to change the plastic materials that you learn to clearly distinguish between them by touch.
For this purpose the production of different types of wrist massagers with a smooth, rough or spiked surface. Rough elastic flexing massager in hand, you simultaneously train your fingers and get a massage of the palms.
You can use a tennis ball and colored rubber bands: pull the elastic band to the ball to make a colorful layered composition.
A very good way of the development of motor skills – different types of handsodeliya, for example, knitting or beading. Of course, they require endurance and patience, but the result will be a double – a healthy nimble fingers and beautiful useful product, which you have made for yourself.Restoration and development of motor skills requires time and patience, but your health is worth the effort spent on it.