You will need
  • - the receipt
  • label with the purchase
  • in - store packaging
  • - passport or another ID
Decide why you want to take the item back. If you bought the product and it was defective, within two weeks, you can return it to the store. Depending on the product, he will either be directed to the technical expertise, or replaced with new. If the return occurs on the day of purchase, you can return the money.
If you bought non-food items are OK, but you for some reason do not fit, you can try to exchange it for another at the store where I bought. According to the law, the acquisition of adequate quality and warranty terms are non-refundable, but in reality everything depends on the policy of the seller.
In case the store refuses to take back a defective product, you can write the complaint in two copies to the Director of the trading companies and the CPS. The statement will need to attach copies of documents and receipts.